Week 3: Multimedia Hamlet

Monday, November 27

  • Read Hamlet, Act. III
  • Watch a film version of Hamlet (visit #engl3212 at Twitter for links to film rental options):
    • Laurence Olivier – Hamlet (1948)
    • Franco Zeffirelli – Hamlet (1990)
    • Kenneth Branagh – Hamlet (1996)
    • Michael Almereyda – Hamlet (2000)
    • David Tennant Hamlet (2009)
  • Use screen capture to get interesting images or image sequences from the film.
  • Come prepared to discuss film in groups and prepare memes and  Pecha Kucha presentation about the film adaptation.
    • Divide play into acts & assign group members.
    • Each group member will create memes based on memorable moments in their chosen act.
    • Memes should use:
      • an image from the film (edited, if so desired)
      • text from Hamlet
      • your own text
      • strive for humor or wit, or some thought-provoking observation about the play, characters, situation, etc.

Wednesday, November 29

  • Bring about 5 memes using an image from your portion of your film adaptation.
  • Work in groups preparing Pecha Kucha presentation for Friday.

Friday, November 31

  • Create blog for the course (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, etc.)
  • Pecha Kucha presentations on Hamlet film adaptation memes: