Hamlet: The Meme Edition

Hamlet Meme Edition CoverThis Twitter-based production of Hamlet is the culmination of a series of assignments in the Literature in Digital Media class (English 3212, Spring 2014). A brief summary of the activities: the class was divided into 5 groups and assigned different Hamlet film adaptations. The students in each group were assigned to different acts and had the task of creating memes following the following constraints:

  • Memes should:
    • use an image from the film (edited, if so desired)
    • use text from Hamlet
    • have your own text
    • strive for humor or wit, or some thought-provoking observation about the play, characters, situation, etc.

The students presented their meme-based play reconstructions in class in  Pecha Kucha style presentations and after some feedback were prepared for the week-long (February 3-7, 2014) Twitter performance of Hamlet: The Meme Edition.

And without further ado, I am proud to present the tweeted memes, roughly in the order in they were tweeted.


Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V


For the sake of archiving the tweets in their current state, I have created a pdf of this entry (It’s almost 100 pages long. I don’t recommend printing).