Final Exam: Portfolio Presentations

Wednesday, May 18

  • The exam will be from 12:00-2:00 pm in CH-326.
  • Fill in this self evaluation form for the second half of the semester (UPR login required).
  • Final Portfolios:
    • Prepare a portfolio that features your best work done in this class, but also links to all other assignments and your blog.
    • Share a link to your final portfolio in our Slack channel, along with a 1-paragraph discussion of your approach when creating the portfolio.
  • Final Presentation:
    • You will briefly (5 minutes) present your portfolio to the class.
    • Point out 1-2 work(s) you are most proud of and explain why.

To think about: funding your creative work.


Weeks 16-17: Performances and Portfolios

Monday, May 2

  • Class meets in La Cueva de Tarzán for the I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café
  • Bonus opportunity: read one of your works.
  • Webyarn Remix due (see Slack channel for details).

Wednesday, May 4

  • Webyarn Remix due today.
  • Final assignment: Portfolio
    • Create a portfolio of all the work you created in this class.
    • Use any system you prefer to host it. Suggestions: Wix, Weebly, whatever blogging system you used, or other services.
    • Your portfolio should highlight each work and curate it, preparing it for an audience to experience it.
    • Your portfolio should include a link to your blog.
    • Advice: “How to Create a Killer Writing Portfolio for Freelancers
    • Deadline & Presentation: May 18, 2016 12:00-2:00 pm

Monday, May 9

  • Bring a draft of your portfolio. Be prepared to share it in class.
  • Alan Bigelow videoconference today.
  • Bring 2 questions to ask Alan Bigelow. Before you do so,
  • Read all of Alan Bigelow’s listicles depicted below (in



Weeks 14-15: Multimedia Writing Frameworks and Performances

Monday, April 18

  • Read entries on Alan Bigelow’s Webyarns and “My Life in 3 Parts
  • Assignment:
    • Tweet your GIF poems before class on April 20.
    • Give it a title and use the following hashtags: #engl3238 #gifpoetry #NPM16 #NationalPoetryMonth

Wednesday, April 20

Assignment: Webyarn Remix

  • Create a work of electronic literature using this framework.
  • Monday: Bring a USB drive with your first draft of a work based on Alan Bigelow’s Reveal framework. Bring the whole thing with all the assets ready ready to use.

Monday, April 25

  • Bring a USB drive with your first draft of your Webyarn Remix. Bring the whole thing with all the assets ready ready to use.
  • Be prepared to share it during our workshop.

Wednesday, April 27

  • Your Webyarn Remix is due today.
    • I will provide instructions for you to upload your work.
  • Choose one of your works you would perform for a live audience.
  • Prepare a performance of the work to share in class.
  • We will have an e-lit performance workshop.

Week 13: Moving Words

Monday, April 11

Wednesday, April 13

Friday, April 15

Class meets online through this assignment.

Assignment, Part 1

  • Write 2 short GIF poems or one long one,
  • Post it/them in our Slack group before 4:30 pm on Friday.

Assignment, Part 2

  • Read 3 of your classmate’s poems, and reply to them (@mention the author in your response) briefly (50 words) but substantively.
  • This response must be posted on Slack before 4:30 pm on Monday.

Weeks 10-12: Netprov

Week 10: Spring Break

Weeks 11-12: Netprov

Monday, March 28

  • Generative writing draft workshop
  • Bot ethics:
  • Introduction to netprov:
    • What are moments in your life when you tend to tune out?
    • What are moments when you’d like to be anywhere but there?
    • How might others appreciate these same moments?
    • Into whose life would you like to swap? Why?

Wednesday, March 30

Netprov Instructions:

Generative Writing Assignment

The goal of this assignment is to write a generative work, using one of the frameworks we’ve studied in class this week.


  • A Twitter bot, using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
  • A Taroko Gorge remix
  • A Memory Slam remix


  • Bring an operational draft of your generative work to class on Monday, March 28. We will share and work on the drafts
  • The final draft is due on Wednesday, March 30.


Week 9: Bots and Generative Writing

Monday, March 14

Wednesday, March 16

Week 7: Fandom & Social Media

Monday, February 29

  • Remaining group presentations on fandom.
  • Bring a draft of a fanfic (blog post, HTML page, Twine, whatever) to share with your group, based on the fandom you’ve been studying.

Wednesday, March 2

  • Fan fiction assignment due before midnight on Friday, March 4.
    • Publish your fanfic in an online community.
    • Write a blog post in which you discuss:
      • The fanfic you wrote, including creative goals and choices.
      • The community you chose to publish it in.
      • Include a link to your published fanfic.
    • Share a link to your blog post in our Slack.
  • Readings:
  • Assignment (Due Monday):
    • Write a 6 word story and publish it on Twitter using the following hashtags: #engl3238 #6wordstory
    • Write a haiku and publish it on Twitter using the following hashtags: #engl3238 #haiku
    • Write a Twitter fiction (under 140 characters) and publish it on Twitter using the following hashtags: #engl3238 #twitfic

Weeks 5 – 6: From Twine to Fandom

Monday, February 15

  • Academic Recess. Class does not meet.

Wednesday, February 17

  • Anticipating University closure due to student protests, we will do these activities online. Class will not meet today.
  • Sign up for a fandom group using this Google Document (UPR login required).
  • Once groups are ready (I will identify when they are):
    • Create a private Slack conversation among group members to communicate and share resources, readings, etc on your chosen fandom.
    • Prepare a brief group presentation (10 minutes) for Monday, February 22 in which you present the following about your fandom:
      • Main online communities & resources
      • Links to cool fanfics
      • A sampling of fan art
      • Everyone in the group must participate in preparation and presentation of slideshow.
    • Create a Google Slideshow in this shared folder to develop your presentations as a group.

Monday, February 22

Wednesday, February 24

  • Remaining group presentations (if necessary).
  • Bring a draft of a fanfic (blog post, HTML page, Twine, whatever) to share with your group, based on the fandom you’ve been studying.

Week 4: Twine

Monday, February 8

Wednesday, February 10

  • Open a Twitter account (if you don’t have one already)
  • Use your Twitter account to publish your completed Twine work in
  • Share the link to your published work in our Slack channel. Before class.
  • For today’s workshop: “Tips for Critiquing Other People’s Work.”
  • Assignment:
    • Provide written feedback on your group-mates’ Twine works by Friday, using Slack (try creating a direct message with your group members).
    • Post a revision for your group to read by Monday.
    • Read the revised version and provide follow up feedback.
    • The final draft is due by Wednesday, February 17.
      • Write a blog entry in which you discuss the work, its process, and offer a link to the published work.
      • Share the final link on Slack.