Week 8: Writing in Social Media

Monday, March 7

  • Micro literature presentations
  • Discuss image macro memes.
  • Discuss rage comics memes.
  • Discuss other kinds of memes.
  • Assignment:
    • Write 3 memes: one image macro, one rage comic, and one other kind.
    • Try to push the form beyond jokes.
    • Post memes on Twitter, using the following hashtags: #engl3238 #meme

Wednesday, March 9

Week 4: Twine

Monday, February 8

Wednesday, February 10

  • Open a Twitter account (if you don’t have one already)
  • Use your Twitter account to publish your completed Twine work in Philome.la.
  • Share the link to your published work in our Slack channel. Before class.
  • For today’s workshop: “Tips for Critiquing Other People’s Work.”
  • Assignment:
    • Provide written feedback on your group-mates’ Twine works by Friday, using Slack (try creating a direct message with your group members).
    • Post a revision for your group to read by Monday.
    • Read the revised version and provide follow up feedback.
    • The final draft is due by Wednesday, February 17.
      • Write a blog entry in which you discuss the work, its process, and offer a link to the published work.
      • Share the final link on Slack.


Week 7: Storytelling

Monday, September 21

  • Read Chapter 6: Fiction (CICW)
  • Write a plot outline for a story based on your fictional character and our participation in the Generative Writing Project.
  • Be prepared to present a brief summary of your story to the class.

Wednesday, September 23

  • Bring a written draft of a story to class.
  • Share and discuss with groups.

Friday, September 25

  • Netprov scripting & planning activity.

Week 3: Twitter as a Platform

Monday, August 25

  • Twitter setup:
    • Create Twitter account
    • Follow @leonardo_UPRM
    • Send a Tweet with a link to your blog and the following info (copy & paste): #engl3238 @leonardo_UPRM
    • Use the #engl3238 hashtag to identify and follow fellow classmates.

  • Discuss Twitter as a platform
    • Functionality & Tools
    • Uses & communities
    • Literary forms
  • Assignment: Haiku
    • Write a haiku
    • Tweet that haiku, using the following tags: #haiku #engl3238 @leonardo_UPRM
    • Write a blog post with your tweet haiku embedded and a brief discussion of your goals with the haiku.

Wednesday, August 27

Friday, August 29

  • Read I ♥ E-Poetry entries and tweets on:
  • Assignment
    • Write a Twitter fiction or poem no later than Sunday, August 31.
    • Tweet a link to your Twitter fiction or poem with optional title or commentary, using the following tags #engl3238 @leonardo_UPRM #fiction (or) #poetry
    • Embed your original tweet in a blog post, along with a brief discussion of your goals with the work.
    • Read and respond (reply via Twitter) to 5 of your classmates’ works, no later than Tuesday, September 2

Week 2: Pinterest as a Platform

Monday, August 18

  • Discuss writing samples
  • Discuss Pinterest as a platform
  • Assignment: Pinfic
    • Write pinfic using Canva.
    • Constraint: 500 characters (including spaces)
    • Pin on class Board.

Wednesday, August 20

  • Pinfic Workshop
  • Assignment:
    • Revise your pinfic.
    • Write a blog posting with a brief discussion (100 words) of your creative choices in creating your pinfic. Include your pinfic in the entry.
    • Post a link to your blog entry as a comment on your pinfic.
    • Submit final pinfic before class.

Friday, August 22

  • Pinfic performances.
  • Discussing and modeling peer review.
  • Assignment:
    • Read and comment on 5 pinfics from the class.