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Final Assignment: Portfolio Blog Entry Write a blog entry that lists and links to the work you’ve done this semester. The entry must be written in the style of a listicle and should encourage readers to click on the links to your works. The entry should have a featured image that represents your work. The… Read more »

Weeks 13-15: Electronic Literature

Final (Exam) Assignment: Framework, Hacked, Remixed Works The goal of this assignment is to create a work of electronic literature based on an established framework or hacking/remixing the source code of another work of electronic literature. The works assigned from May 11-May 16 will showcase possible frameworks or hackable/remixable works. Choose one and build a… Read more »

Week 12: Video Works

Have you completed your Self-Evaluation?. Monday, April 30 In class: discussion of videopoetry and video narrative, including “Lazy Cat” by txt stories. Assignment: Identify video editing software, apps, screen capture software, and other tools and share links to them in our Facebook page. Write down one (or several) concepts you’d like do develop in a… Read more »

Weeks 10-11: GIFS and Videopoetry

Monday, April 16 In class: Discuss original memes Assignment: publish final versions of original memes on Twitter, using #DigitalCreativeWriting tag. Wednesday, April 18 In class: lecture on moving language American Chopper meme GIF GIF Poetry, #gifpoetry GIF Making tools in our Tools Document. Assignment: Share GIFs that incorporate language in our Facebook Group, along with a… Read more »

Week 9: Creative Memery

Monday, April 9 In class: discussion of meme formats, rhetorical strategies, and meme making tools. Assignment: Read “The Wired Guide to Memes“ Create a meme adapting one of the formats we’ve discussed in class. Share it in our Facebook Group. Wednesday, April 10 In class: discussion of created memes Assignment: Revise and share your first… Read more »

Week 8: Netprov

Monday, April 2 In class: final bot-sharing workshop Assignment: Finish your bot. Write a brief post about your bot in your blog, including an image and a link to your bot. Share a link to your post in our Facebook Group and on Twitter, using the following hashtags: #DigitalCreativeWriting #bot Wednesday, April 4 In class:… Read more »

Week 6 & 7: Bots!

Monday, March 19 In class: lecture on bots What is a Twitter Bot? Genre: Bot Assignment Explore Twitter Bots in the ELC3 Write a 1-paragraph response to one of the bots and post it in our Facebook Group with a link to the bot on Twitter before next class. Wednesday, March 21 In class: bot… Read more »

Week 5: Unraveling your Twine

Monday, March 12 In class: Twine Workshop Assignment: Revise Twine games and prepare how to tutorials. Wednesday, March 14 In class: How to tutorials How to add random elements? How to add a health bar or some other variable that can change state? How to add sound & video? How to set multiple background images?… Read more »

Week 4: Twine Games

Monday, March 5 In class: discuss Twine games & Twine. Assignment: Read a different Twine game from the ELC3. Post a 1 paragraph comment about the Twine game, on the post linking to your Twine game in our Facebook Group. Download and explore Twine. Come to class with an idea about a Twine Game you… Read more »

Week 3: WordPress & Hypertext

Monday, February 26 In class: introduction to WordPress Assignment: Read “25 Best Examples of About Me Pages“ Develop an About Me page for your blog. Share link to About Me page in our Facebook Group. Wednesday, February 28 In class: About Me page workshop Assignment: Read “My Body“ Read “Patterns of Hypertext“ Friday, March 2… Read more »

  • Week 7: Fandom & Social Media

    Monday, February 29 Remaining group presentations on fandom. Bring a draft of a fanfic (blog post, HTML page, Twine, whatever) to share with your group, based on the fandom you’ve been studying. Wednesday, March 2 Fan fiction assignment due before midnight on Friday, March 4. Publish your fanfic in an online community. Write a blog… Read more »

  • Weeks 5 – 6: From Twine to Fandom

    Monday, February 15 Academic Recess. Class does not meet. Wednesday, February 17 Anticipating University closure due to student protests, we will do these activities online. Class will not meet today. Sign up for a fandom group using this Google Document (UPR login required). Once groups are ready (I will identify when they are): Create a… Read more »

  • Week 4: Twine

    Monday, February 8 Read: Anna Anthropy‘s Queers in Love at the End of the World, and Hunt for the Gay Planet. Assignment: Download and Install Twine 2.0 on your computer. Read the Twine 2 Guide. Begin writing an original hypertext work (genre up to you) as you do the Learning Twine Tutorial. Save your work… Read more »

  • Week 3: HTML to Hypertext

    Monday, February 1 Open a Dropbox account. Get an HTML editor (suggestions) Write a story or poem in a standalone HTML Web page. The page must be hand-coded (no WYSIWYG editors) The page must have multimedia elements that enhance the work. Publish your .htm or .html file in your Dropbox public folder. Write a brief… Read more »

  • Week 2: Basic Code Literacy

    Monday, January 25 Read “Is Coding the New Literacy?“ Open an account in Codecademy and do units 1 & 2 of the HTML & CSS Tutorial. Create an About page for yourself in HTML and save in this shared folder (UPR login needed). Special characters look weird? This resource can help. How to render and… Read more »

  • Week 1: Spring 2016 Startup

    Wednesday, January 20 Here are the tasks to get you started: Develop a blog using a platform of your choice. This will become your online portfolio. Write a “Hello World” which describes you as a writer. Think of it as your manifesto. Sign up to join the Flores’ UPRM Courses Slack. Join the #digcreativewriting channel…. Read more »

  • Spring 2016 Announcement

    What does it mean to write creatively in digital media? Is it any different than writing for the printed page? How can we explore the expressive potential of digital media spaces? This course, offered by Dr. Leonardo Flores this Spring 2016 semester on Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:00-7:15 pm) will be dedicated to a series… Read more »

  • Week 17: This Week’s Final Assignment Will Blow Your Mind!

    Monday, December 1 Present your idea for a work of electronic literature. How does it engage digital media? Read: “Memory Slam” by Nick Montfort Check out completed novels at “NaNoGenMo“ Read: “Memory” by Pedro Javier Valle Visit and read entry on “The Black Book” by Jean Keller Visit Twine Wednesday, December 3 Read Executive… Read more »

  • Final Project: Electronic Literature

    Your final project will be a work that engages the potential of digital media for your creative writing. This project can be as elaborate or minimalist as possible in its engagement with digital media. It can be an elaboration or further exploration of a previous project developed in this class. Here’s a definition: A rule… Read more »

  • Week 16: Creative Coding

    Monday, November 24 Taroko Gorge remix workshop. Use DIY Taroko Gorge Remix. Assignment: Complete and publish your Taroko Gorge remixes. Write a brief blog entry introducing your remix and linking to it. Share link to blog in Pinterest Group. Wednesday, November 26 Readings of Taroko Gorge remixes.