Week 6: Bots!

Monday, March 19 In class: lecture on bots What is a Twitter Bot? Genre: Bot Assignment Explore Twitter Bots in the ELC3 Write a 1-paragraph response to one of the bots and post it in our Facebook Group with a link to the bot on Twitter before next class. Wednesday, March 21 In class: bot… Read more »

Week 5: Unraveling your Twine

Monday, March 12 In class: Twine Workshop Assignment: Revise Twine games and prepare how to tutorials. Wednesday, March 14 In class: How to tutorials How to add random elements? How to add a health bar or some other variable that can change state? How to add sound & video? How to set multiple background images?… Read more »

Week 4: Twine Games

Monday, March 5 In class: discuss Twine games & Twine. Assignment: Read a different Twine game from the ELC3. Post a 1 paragraph comment about the Twine game, on the post linking to your Twine game in our Facebook Group. Download and explore Twine. Come to class with an idea about a Twine Game you… Read more »

Week 3: WordPress & Hypertext

Monday, February 26 In class: introduction to WordPress Assignment: Read “25 Best Examples of About Me Pages“ Develop an About Me page for your blog. Share link to About Me page in our Facebook Group. Wednesday, February 28 In class: About Me page workshop Assignment: Read “My Body“ Read “Patterns of Hypertext“ Friday, March 2… Read more »

Week 2: Hand Coding

Monday, February 19 In class: HTML basics. Collabedit. Assignment: HTML Work: Write a story, poem, or other short work using HTML, images, audio, backgrounds and formatting. Bring your work in a USB drive in a folder that with the HTML file and all the assets. Read How to Choose a Domain Name and come to… Read more »

Week 1: Spring 2018 Startup

Welcome to Digital Creative Writing! This semester we will be exploring our creativity with language in digital media environments. Here’s some basic information on the course: Syllabus Dr. Leonardo Flores Our Facebook Group Wednesday, February 14 In class: Introduction to the course. Assignments: For Friday: Join our Facebook Group. Share a link to a Web… Read more »

Final Exam: Portfolio Presentations

Wednesday, May 18 The exam will be from 12:00-2:00 pm in CH-326. Fill in this self evaluation form for the second half of the semester (UPR login required). Final Portfolios: Prepare a portfolio that features your best work done in this class, but also links to all other assignments and your blog. Share a link… Read more »

Weeks 16-17: Performances and Portfolios

Monday, May 2 Class meets in La Cueva de Tarzán for the I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café Bonus opportunity: read one of your works. Webyarn Remix due (see Slack channel for details). Wednesday, May 4 Webyarn Remix due today. Instructions: rename the reveal folder with your first name. compress (zip) the folder. Upload it to this… Read more »

Weeks 14-15: Multimedia Writing Frameworks and Performances

Monday, April 18 Read entries on Alan Bigelow’s Webyarns and “My Life in 3 Parts“ Assignment: Tweet your GIF poems before class on April 20. Give it a title and use the following hashtags: #engl3238 #gifpoetry #NPM16 #NationalPoetryMonth Wednesday, April 20 Read 3 of the following works: “A Change of Heart“ “The Shootout“ “Fast Forward™“… Read more »

Week 13: Moving Words

Monday, April 11 GIF Poetry Hippani, PicGIF Lite Wednesday, April 13 Explore Strings, Video Poetry, Kinetic Typography, Video at the ELC3 Friday, April 15 Class meets online through this assignment. Assignment, Part 1 Write 2 short GIF poems or one long one, Post it/them in our Slack group before 4:30 pm on Friday. Assignment, Part… Read more »

  • Week 10: Writing Poetry

    Monday, October 13 Holiday – class does not meet. Wednesday, October 15 Read Chapter 8 in the CICW. Chose one writing exercise from the chapter and write a poem. Publish the poem in your blog and share it with the class in our Pinterest Board. Be prepared to read your poem out loud. Friday, October… Read more »

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    Week 9: Netprov Wrap

    Monday, October 6 Discuss narrative performances See Theopolis College Storify for an example. Group work: Identify where your stories can be found. Discuss what stories remain to be performed. Discuss how to compile and link to the narrative. Group assignment: create documentation of your narrative and share in Pinterest. Individual assignment: document your own character’s… Read more »

  • Generative Literature Project Update: Cartoonize your Characters

    Now that you’ve created characters and chosen profile pictures for them, we need to process these images a step further in order to be legally protected. As you might imagine, it’s illegal to use someone’s likeness without their consent (see this resource). For example, Michael Douglas hasn’t consented to play Senator Wilbur MacIntosh in the… Read more »

  • Our Characters

    Here’s a link to a page with our character information, including social media links. Note: the page is automatically generated by Google Docs. And it’s a mess. But the links to social media profiles work.

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    Week 8: Performing The Wedding (Act 1)

    Monday, September 29 Preparation: Read and comment on at least 5 of your classmates’ stories via our Pinterest Board. Give priority to stories that haven’t been commented on. Come prepared with ideas for stories to tell around Barbara MacIntosh’s wedding. In class: Begin performing your character and narratives Choose narratives around wedding and coordinate social… Read more »

  • Generative Literature Update

    Here’s a link to an article with the project timeline.

  • Week 7: Storytelling

    Monday, September 21 Read Chapter 6: Fiction (CICW) Write a plot outline for a story based on your fictional character and our participation in the Generative Writing Project. Be prepared to present a brief summary of your story to the class. Wednesday, September 23 Bring a written draft of a story to class. Share and… Read more »

  • The Generative Literature Project

    We will be developing our character, Senator Wilbur MacIntosh and his network of human relations in this space and in our shared folder. Here’s an embedded copy of our working document (open in a new tab):

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    Week 6: Character

    Monday, Sept. 15 Explore The Generative Literature Project website. Read all its entries. Wednesday, Sept 17 Bring suggested character Work in groups in developing characters Backstory Connection to Senator MacIntosh Friday, Sept 19 Develop your characters’ social media identity Twitter Facebook other social networks Assignment Register your character in two forms below: Course Information Generative… Read more »

  • Publication Opportunity: El Vicio del Tintero

    Saludos, Les envío este e-mail para informarles que la revista literaria El vicio del tintero, acepta textos tanto en español como en inglés. Les agradecería que le comenten a sus estudiantes sobre este método de publicación literaria dentro del recinto. Normas de publicación: 1. Todo material debe ser inédito. 2. Debe enviar los textos en… Read more »