English 3238: Digital Creative Writing

Welcome to the official site for English 3238, section 040, a section to be taught by Leonardo Flores this Fall 2014 with a special theme: Digital Creative Writing.

Digital Creative Writing explores how digital technologies and contexts shape poiesis, in other words, how our creativity can be shaped by the capabilities of computers, programming, touchscreen devices, the Web, apps, social networks, and so on. Students enrolled in this course will write creatively using these digital technologies to produce electronic literature in a variety of digital genres: blogging, constraint-based writing, adaptation, remix, e-poetry, hypertext, interactive fiction, games, bots, kinetic typography, memes, and more.

What is all this? Explore I ♥ E-Poetry for a taste of what electronic literature has to offer, check out my Literature in Digital Media course for some sample readings and activities, or visit my blog to learn about my current research in this field.

The ideal students for this course are  interested in exploring their creativity in digital media and have an adventurous spirit to test innovative writing techniques. You do not have to know programming to take this course, though programming skills are always welcomed.