Day 6: Digital Literacy

On Wednesday, June 18 class meets in Celis 009.


  • Read “Is Coding the New Literacy?
  • Lecture on digital literacy.
  • Bonus opportunity: Read the I ♥ E-Poetry entry on Type:Rider, play the game, and write a blog entry discussing how typography can enrich your writing. Deadline: July 2.

Essay #2: Blogging project

The goal of this project is develop your online voice and ethos by writing a daily blog for a week on a topic of your choice.

    • Read Writing for the Web, Chapters 11 & 12.
    • Writing: this assignment requires the following components:
      • Introductory entry: (due Wednesday, June 18)
        • What is the topic or focus of your blogging activities?
        • Why are you writing about it (beyond the assignment)?
        • Who is your target audience (or ideal audience)?
        • Who else might be interested in reading your entries?
      • Blog entries: (due daily: June 18 – 24)
        • Length: between 250-500 words, and should follow the writing practices recommended in Writing for the Web.
        • You will write 7 entries (not counting the introduction and conclusion), one published every day, starting on June 18 and ending on Tuesday, June 24.
        • You should connect your blog to your social media accounts. Promote at will.
        • Tweet a link to your entry with a title, pull quotes, hashtags (include #engl3268 @leonardo_UPRM).
      • Concluding entry: (due Tuesday, June 24)
        • Recap and link back to your earlier entries.
        • Offer concluding remarks on your topic.
        • Discuss audience responses and number of visitors.
    • Blog
      • Customize your blog to attract and retain an audience.