Week 13: #WasteLandMemes and More

Week 13: #WasteLandMemes and More

Monday, April 11

Activity: Annotating The Waste Land with #WasteLandMemes

  •  Preparation:
    • Visit this page: The Waste Land.
    • Create Hypothes.is account and login (on that page).
  • Get the image URL:
    • Login to your Twitter account.
    • Open the Tweet in which you shared your meme.
    • Right click (ctrl-click on a Mac) on the image of your meme and select “copy image location”
  • Annotate The Waste Land with your meme:
    • Highlight the text you’re referencing in The Waste Land and select “annotate.”
    • In the annotation, select “insert picture” and paste the URL of your shared image in the highlighted text.
    • Write a brief explanation of what you were attempting to say with your meme.
    • Add the #WasteLandMemes hashtag to your annotation.
    • Publish your annotation.

Wednesday, April 13


Friday, April 15

Class meets online through this assignment.

Assignment, Part 1

  • Choose one poem not discussed in class from the Poetry Foundation listing of Yeats’ poems,
  • Research its connection to Yeats’ poetics, themes, symbolism, and
  • Write a 250 word analysis of the poem
  • Post it in our Slack group before 4:30 pm on Friday.

Assignment, Part 2

  • Read 2 of your classmate’s postings, read the poem they’re analyzing, and reply to them (@mention the author in your response) briefly (50 words) but substantively.
  • This response must be posted on Slack before 4:30 pm on Monday.