Week 8: Modernism in Paris

Week 8: Modernism in Paris

Monday, April 2

  • In class: finish discussing Hugh Selwyn Mauberley.
  • Assignment: Read pgs. 366-387 in our textbook (Introduction and selections from The Cantos).

Wednesday, April 4

  • In class: discussion of The Cantos and “On the Flyleaf of Pound’s Cantos
  • Assignment:
    • Read Chapter on Gertrude Stein in our textbook (176-201).
    • Write a response to one of Stein’s Tender Buttons and post in our Facebook group.

Friday, April 6

  • In class: discussion of Gertrude Stein’s poetry.
  • Assignment: Read Chapter on Mina Loy.


  • Watch Midnight in Paris (2011)
  • Write a 1-paragraph response to it.
  • Publish it in our Facebook Group.
  • You will earn bonus credit for this.