Week 11: Into the Wasteland

Week 11: Into the Wasteland

Monday, April 23

  • In class: Discussion of The Waste Land
  • Assignment: Waste Land Memes
    • Create two memes with the following parameters, one from your assigned section of the poem, one from any part of the poem:
      • The text must quote, paraphrase, touch on, or riff on an excerpt from your assigned section of The Waste Land.
      • The image can be anything you want (as long as it isn’t sexist, racist, ableist, or otherwise offensive). You can even insert text from The Waste Land on an established image macro, or other kind of meme (such as a GIF, comic, or other popular format).
      • The goal of this meme is to make an insightful, potentially humorous comment on that portion of the poem.
    • Share a draft of your memes in our Facebook Group before class on Wednesday, April 25.


Wednesday, April 25

  • In class: Discussion of Waste Land Memes
  • Assignment:
    • Revise your memes and post in our Facebook Group and on Twitter, using the hashtag #wastelandmemes.
    • Read the chapter on W.H. Auden in our textbook.

Friday, April 27

  • Academic Recess – Justas