Week 5: Imagism

Monday, March 12

In class:


Wednesday, March 14

In class:

Friday, March 16

In class: Discuss poetry and meaning critical vocabulary and Amy Lowell


Week 4: Early Modernists

Monday, March 5

In Class:


Wednesday, March 7

In class: discuss A.E. Housman and E.A. Robinson’s poetry.


Friday, March 9

In class: discuss Thomas Hardy’s poetry.


Week 3: American Innovators

Monday, February 26

Wednesday, February 21

Friday, February 23

Week 2: Precursors to Modernism

Monday, February 19

Wednesday, February 21

Friday, February 23

Week 1: Previously, in Poetry…

Welcome to my Modern Poetry class!

This semester we will explore one of the most innovative periods in Anglophone poetry: the early to mid 20th century, and an artistic, literary, and poetic movement known as Modernism.

Here’s some basic information on the course:

Wednesday, February 14

Friday, February 16

  • Class does not meet.
  • Don’t forget your assignment!


Week 16: Second Generation Modernism

Monday, May 2

  • Read the chapter on Negritude in Poems for the Millenium (pgs 559-584).
  • Readings for today.
  • Essay #2 due today (but read our Slack channel).
  • Bonus opportunity: attend the I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café (tonight after class) and write a 1-paragraph reaction in our Slack.


Wednesday, May 4

Week 14: Poets and their Typewriters

Monday, April 18

Wednesday, April 20