Week 4: Early Modernists

Monday, March 5

In Class:


Wednesday, March 7

In class: discuss A.E. Housman and E.A. Robinson’s poetry.


Friday, March 9

In class: discuss Thomas Hardy’s poetry.


Week 3: American Innovators

Monday, February 26

Wednesday, February 21

Friday, February 23

Week 2: Precursors to Modernism

Monday, February 19

Wednesday, February 21

Friday, February 23

Week 1: Previously, in Poetry…

Welcome to my Modern Poetry class!

This semester we will explore one of the most innovative periods in Anglophone poetry: the early to mid 20th century, and an artistic, literary, and poetic movement known as Modernism.

Here’s some basic information on the course:

Wednesday, February 14

Friday, February 16

  • Class does not meet.
  • Don’t forget your assignment!


Week 16: Second Generation Modernism

Monday, May 2

  • Read the chapter on Negritude in Poems for the Millenium (pgs 559-584).
  • Readings for today.
  • Essay #2 due today (but read our Slack channel).
  • Bonus opportunity: attend the I ♥︎ E-Poetry Café (tonight after class) and write a 1-paragraph reaction in our Slack.


Wednesday, May 4

Week 14: Poets and their Typewriters

Monday, April 18

Wednesday, April 20

Week 13: #WasteLandMemes and More

Monday, April 11

Activity: Annotating The Waste Land with #WasteLandMemes

  •  Preparation:
    • Visit this page: The Waste Land.
    • Create Hypothes.is account and login (on that page).
  • Get the image URL:
    • Login to your Twitter account.
    • Open the Tweet in which you shared your meme.
    • Right click (ctrl-click on a Mac) on the image of your meme and select “copy image location”
  • Annotate The Waste Land with your meme:
    • Highlight the text you’re referencing in The Waste Land and select “annotate.”
    • In the annotation, select “insert picture” and paste the URL of your shared image in the highlighted text.
    • Write a brief explanation of what you were attempting to say with your meme.
    • Add the #WasteLandMemes hashtag to your annotation.
    • Publish your annotation.

Wednesday, April 13


Friday, April 15

Class meets online through this assignment.

Assignment, Part 1

  • Choose one poem not discussed in class from the Poetry Foundation listing of Yeats’ poems,
  • Research its connection to Yeats’ poetics, themes, symbolism, and
  • Write a 250 word analysis of the poem
  • Post it in our Slack group before 4:30 pm on Friday.

Assignment, Part 2

  • Read 2 of your classmate’s postings, read the poem they’re analyzing, and reply to them (@mention the author in your response) briefly (50 words) but substantively.
  • This response must be posted on Slack before 4:30 pm on Monday.


Week 12: Into the Waste Land

Monday, April 4

  • Finish discussion of “The Preludes”
  • Introduction to The Waste Land
  • Assign groups to focus discussions of The Waste Land.
  • If you weren’t assigned a section, you’re responsible for all sections of the poem.

Wednesday, April 6

  • Water outage: class cancelled.

Waste Land Memes Assignment

  • Create two image macro memes with the following parameters:
    • The text must be a brief, direct quote from your assigned section of The Waste Land.
    • The image must be a representation of the image, text, objective correlative referenced in that quote.
    • The goal of these two memes is to offer insight on that portion of the poem.
  • Create one meme with the following parameters:
    • The text must quote, paraphrase, touch on, or riff on an excerpt from your assigned section of The Waste Land.
    • The image can be anything you want, as long as it isn’t sexist, racist, ableist, or otherwise offensive. You can even insert text from the wasteland on an established image macro, or other kind of meme (such as a GIF, comic, or other popular format).
    • The goal of this meme is to make a humorous comment on that portion of the poem.
  • Publish your memes before class on Monday, April 11.
    • Create/login to your Twitter account.
    • Make your image no larger than 512 pixels high.
    • Post each meme image on Twitter with the quote and using the following hashtags: #WasteLandMemes #NPM16 #NationalPoetryMonth
  • Be prepared to discuss your memes– and The Waste Land— in class on Monday.