Bonus Opportunities

There are three opportunities (so far) to earn bonus credit for your Assignments:

  • Write a 250-word analysis of the musicality of a song’s lyrics (rhythm, meter, rhyme, etc.)
  • Write an Imagist poem and a 1-paragraph discussion of how it embodies the principles set forth in Imagism.
  • Watch Midnight in Paris and write a 1 paragraph discussion of how it represents the Modernist artistic and literary scene in Paris in the 1920s.
  • Attend my talk “El Inglés y las artes de la palabra” (March 6, 10:30 am in Celis 116) and write a brief (1-2 paragraph) discussion on how the ideas presented connect with Modern Poetry.

Post your bonus entries in the Bonus forum.

Week 7: Imagism

Monday, February 23

Wednesday, February 15

Friday, February 27

  • Read Des Imagistes (pgs. 40-end)
  • Assignment (due Monday, March 2):
    • Choose one poem from Des Imagistes, one we haven’t discussed in class.
    • Write a 250-word analysis of the poem and how it fulfills (or doesn’t) Ezra Pound’s concept of Imagism.
    • Post this in the Discussion Forum before class.

Week 4: Early English & Irish Modernism

Monday, February 2

Wednesday, February 4

Friday, February 6

Week 3: Rebellions

Monday, January 26

Wednesday, January 28

Friday, January 30

Week 2: Previously, in Poetry…

Monday, January 19 – Holiday

Wednesday, January 21

Thursday, January 22 – Monday Classes

Friday, January 23