Week 6: Editing and Sound

Tuesday, September 18

  •  In Class
    • Chapter 8: Editing in Looking at Movies
    • Episode 9 of Altered Carbon
  • Assignment:
    • Read Chapter 9: Sound in Looking at Movies
    • Analyze the editing in a scene from Episode 9 of Altered Carbon. Provide a GIF or still images from the shots. Post in our Facebook Group before class on Thursday.

Thursday, September 20

  • In class:
    • Chapter 9: Sound in Looking at Movies
  • Assignment:
    • Watch episode 10 of Altered Carbon
    • Analyze the use of sound in a scene from Episode 10 of Altered Carbon. Provide a video clip or still images from the shots. Post in our Facebook Group before class on Tuesday.


Midterm Exam on Tuesday, October 2

Essay #1 due on Thursday, October 4

Essay #1: Formal Analysis of Altered Carbon


  1. Formulate a thesis statement that can be supported by analyses of formal elements of Altered Carbon. You can focus on an idea or a group of ideas expressed cinematically, an aspect of style, a pattern of use, an interpretation of a film, and so on.
  2. Identify key scenes in the series in which your idea is presented powerfully using cinematic language.
  3. Analyze these scenes in terms of formal elements: narrative, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, and acting. Your analysis should integrate multiple elements, rather than present them in isolation
  4. Write your essay, supporting your points with analyses of the elements of film. It is essential that you focus on the strategy, effect, purpose, etc of a given scene or group of scenes and that you show how several elements work together to achieve it.
  5. Submit an electronic copy of the essay in this shared folder, print out the final draft, and turn it in during class on Tuesday, October 2.

The essay should be about 750 words in length, 3-4 pages (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font), and documented in impeccable MLA format.

Week 5: Cinematography

Tuesday, September 11

  • Class does not meet.
  • Assignment:
    • Watch all the chapter 6 tutorials in this Google Drive folder.
    • In our Facebook group, post an analysis of a scene from Episode 8 in which you take into account all relevant cinematographic details: lighting, implied proximity, camera movement and/or angles, etc. Reference the critical vocabulary from the chapter and tutorials. Include still images, video clips, or GIFs of the scene you’re analyzing. Post before class on Thursday.
    • Read Chapter 7: Acting of Looking at Movies

Thursday, September 13

  • In class:
    • Discussion of cinematography and acting.
  • Assignment:
    •  InRead Chapter 8: Editing of Looking at Movies
    • Watch episode 9 of Altered Carbon

Week 4: Mise-en-Scéne

Tuesday, September 4

  • In class:
    • Discuss Chapters 4 & 5 of Looking at Movies
    • Discuss Altered Carbon, Episode 6
  • Assignment:
    • Watch Altered Carbon, Episode 7
    • In our Facebook group, create a post for the analysis of each of the following assigned scenes in Episode 7.
      • Group 1: The Opening scene
      • Group 2: When Kovacs meets his sister (11:40)
      • Group 3: The bridge scene (19:34)
      • Group 4: Training with the Envoys (25:14)
      • Group 5: At the lake (42:15)
      • Group 6: Final scene (58:50)
    • Further instructions:
      • If you weren’t present in class, join any group.
      • Someone should volunteer to create the initial post for the scene and the rest of the group will post their analysis as a comment on that post. A still image and name for the group is sufficient.
      • The goal of the assignment is to unpack the visual strategy of the assigned scene, identifying key moments. Post an analysis of the the mise-en-scene (1 paragraph on set design, 1 on composition)
      • Use still images or GIFs from the scene for your analysis.
      • Activities and deadlines:
        • Post initial analysis by noon on Thursday, September 8.
        • Have a conversation in our Facebook Group with your groupmates about the strategies in the scene, analyzing the scene further until Friday, September 7.
        • Go read at least 2  of the rest of the class’ analyses of other scenes.

Thursday, September 6

  • Class does not meet. See Tuesday assignment for details.
  • Assignment:
    • Read Chapter 6 of Looking at Movies
    • Watch episode 8 of Altered Carbon

Week 3: Cyberpunk Genre

Tuesday, August 28

  • In class:
    • Discuss Chapters 1 & 2 of Looking at Movies
    • Discuss Altered Carbon, Episodes 3 & 4
  • Assignment:
    • Watch Altered Carbon, Episode 5
    • Read Chapter 3 of Looking at Movies
    • Read this Wikipedia entry on cyberpunk
    • In our Facebook group, post a still image from the assigned episode, along with a brief discussion of what elements of the cyberpunk genre are present in the scene.

Thursday, August 30

  • In class:
    • Discuss Chapter 3 of Looking at Movies.
    • Discuss cyberpunk genre & Episode 5.
  • Assignment:
    • Read Chapters 4 & 5 of Looking at Movies
    • Watch episode 6 of Altered Carbon
    • In our Facebook group, post a still image from the assigned episode, along with a brief discussion of how cinematic narrative is used in that scene.

Week 2: Intro to Cyberpunk

Tuesday, August 21

  • In class:
    • Discuss syllabus
    • Discuss cyberpunk genre
    • Discuss screen capture, GIF capture, video capture techniques for film analysis
  • Assignment:
    • Watch Altered Carbon, Episode 2
    • Capture a GIF (or image capture) of a moment in the episode you found visually engaging.
    • Share it in our Facebook group with a brief (1-paragraph) discussion of what drew your attention.
    • Assignment is due before our next class.
    • Read Chapter 1 of Looking at Movies

Thursday, August 23

  • In class:
    • Discuss GIF analyses and episode.
    • Discuss Chapter 1 of Looking at Movies.
  • Assignment:
    • Read Chapter 2 of Looking at Movies
    • Watch episodes 3 & 4 of Altered Carbon
    • Capture with GIFs and/or stills and briefly analyze a scene from the film. Share it in our Facebook Group.

Week 1: Fall 2018 Reboot

Welcome to Cyberpunk Cinema!

The topic for this course will be Cyberpunk Cinema– a science fiction subgenre that brings a punk attitude and sensibility to speculative worlds in which cybernetic technologies are leveraged for, against, and by people on the margins of society. In this course students will familiarize themselves and use cinematic language for the appreciation and analysis of film and television productions, as well as learn critical frameworks to analyze cyberpunk films and beyond.

See the syllabus for more details on the course. And order your books!

Week 1 Online Introductory Activity and Assignment

Because I will be in Montreal at a conference presentation, this first week will be carried out with a series of online activities and resume normally on Tuesday next week. Our classroom is Sanchez Hidalgo 101.

Online Intros

  • Join our Facebook Group.
  • Write a brief intro (1 paragraph) about yourself and the movies you like in our Facebook group. In your intro, include a link to a movie clip in YouTube or Vimeo that you really enjoy and explain what you like about it. Post this before Midnight on Tuesday, August 14.
  • Read at least 2 of your classmates’ intros and film clips and respond to the clips with a brief (but substantive) comment no later than noon on Thursday, August 16. Let’s strive to have everyone’s intro and film clip commented on.

Reading/Viewing Assignment

  • Read:
    • Chapter 1 of Looking at Movies.
    • Cyberpunkby Bruce Bethke
  • Watch:
    • Altered Carbon, Season 1, Episode 1 (available on Netflix)
  • Write:
    • A paragraph-long discussion of characteristics of cyberpunk based on the story and the first episode of Altered Carbon.
    • Post your discussion in our Facebook Group before class on Tuesday, August 21.
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Day 17: As you wish

In Class

  • Turn in Essay #2 printout.
    • If you need to do it later, bring it to my office (OF 109) and slide it under my door.
  • Discuss Hayao Miyazaki’s films and their politics.
  • Final exam review.
  • Screen: The Princess Bride


  • Complete the Assignment Self-Evaluation Form by Monday, August 1 (UPR login required).
  • Watch Pan’s Labyrinth, The Princess Bride.
  • Post a discussion of anything you want about one or both of these films in the Slack channel by Monday, August 1.

The Final Exam

  • Monday, August 1 at 10:10 am in SH 203.
  • 2-hour exam.
  • The exam will cover EVERYTHING. 🙂

Day 16: Hail to the King, Baby

In class


  • Watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke, or  Spirited Away.
  • Analyze how these worlds present different ideological visions and/or critique contemporary ideologies.
  • Post in our Slack channel before next class.
  • Essay #2 is due tomorrow. Bring a printout to class and upload an electronic copy here (UPR login required).

Day 15: Getting Medieval

In class