Week 7: Algorithmic Writing

Monday, February 27

  • Discuss digital activism posts.
  • Discuss Media Criticism, Chapter 10.
  • Discuss The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology.


Wednesday, March 1


  • Read Media Criticism, Chapter 11.
  • Digital Activism Feedback
    • Read and comment constructively on two of your classmates’ digital activism posts. If two people have already commented on one, then comment on someone else’s. Offer your feedback by Friday, March 3.
  • Based on the feedback you’ve received, revise your Digital Activism post.
  • Post a link to your post on Twitter, using the #DigitalMediaCriticism hashtag.
  • Critical Bot assignment
    • Goal: design a critical Twitter bot with Cheap Bots Done Quick!
    • Your bot can be related to your blog topic or digital activism topic.
    • Bring a draft of your bot to class on Monday, March 6.
    • Post a link to your bot in our Facebook Group before class on Wednesday, March 8.