Week 11: Criticism and Podcasting

Monday, March 27

  • Discuss Chapter 15 of Media Criticism in a Digital Age.
  • Discuss sampling of podcast drafts.


  • Complete the first draft of your podcast, upload to Soundcloud, and share link in Facebook group.

Wednesday, March 29

  • Podcast drafting workshop. Bring your computer with Audacity, USB drive, or use online storage to bring your working draft of the podcast to the classroom. Bring headphones.


  • Podcast due on Monday, April 3.
    • Revise and publish your final version of the podcast in Soundcloud.
    • Write a brief blog post that frames and attracts listeners to your podcast.
    • Embed or link to your podcast in your blog post.
    • Share podcast in our Facebook Group and on Twitter, using the #digitalmediacriticism hashtag.