Week 13 (or something along those lines): The Video Essay

Saturday, June 3

  • Opening remarks and looking at the revised calendar.
  • Podcast assignment general feedback:
    • The most successful podcasts were well researched, provided in-depth analysis, referenced critical theory, interpreted the material, and kept enough format variety to keep the audience engaged.
    • Some issues with some podcasts included shallow engagement with the material, monotonous format, too much plot summary, and not enough effort to interest a more varied audience.
  • Discussion of Feminist Frequency:
    • We viewed and analyzed the components of this video:

  • Some features discussed: it presents a clear problem with an example, establishes the history of the problem, introduces critical theory concepts and provides historical and contemporary examples, applies it to the game in question, broadens the concept, provides examples of games with more positive ways of presenting women of color, and makes a call for the gaming industry to improve its practices.
  • This is an example of the kind of video essay assigned.
  • Another example is Luis A. Laboy’s video essay on “Click and Drag.”


  • For Monday, June 5: Write a blog post that addresses the topic you will be making a video essay on. Share in our Facebook Group.

The Video Essay Assignment

The goal of this assignment is to produce a short video essay that presents a clear critical argument and is informed by research and relevant critical theory.  The video essay should be on your blog topic or can be collaborative if you pair up with a classmate with a similar topic. The length of the video should be about 7 minutes, 10 if you’re collaborating. The final version is due on Wednesday, June 14.