Week 15.5: Vlog and Twine

Saturday, June 17

  • Wednesday classes meet today. However: class will not meet.
  • Instead:
    • Read: “Patterns of Hypertext
    • Post a 1-paragraph response to your assigned Twine fiction, focusing on how the authors use the choices meaningfully in the work.
    • Read and comment on other classmates’ posts.
    • Also: Watch someone’s Video Essay (or Vlog) on the Facebook page and comment on it.
  • Homework for Monday:
    • Download Twine, explore its tutorials, familiarize yourself with the software and begin building and planning your final portfolio: a Twine-based exploration of the work you’ve done this semester.
    • Bring a visual map of how you plan to organize your final hypertext portfolio.
    • You will use philome.la for Twine hosting.