Week 2: Blogging

Monday, January 23


Wednesday, January 25


  • Read Media Criticism, Chapter 3.
  • Refine & develop your blog around your topic and target audience.
  • Write a blog post on your chosen topic (250-500 words):
  • Share your post in our Facebook Group.

Week 1: Launch

In Class


Hello Students!

Welcome to Digital Media Criticism!

This course is concerned with the production of criticism using a variety of writing genres and formats developed and facilitated in digital media. The students will research, write, and produce criticism of a variety of works available in print and digital media, while learning the genres and conventions of digital genres, such as: blogging, podcasts, videos, listicles, social media performances, electronic literature, and live streaming performances.

This blog will be our home, the primary space for me to assign readings, activities, and providing material for the class. We will also have social media spaces for sharing our work, such as a Facebook group, and the #digitalmediacriticism hashtag on Twitter and other social media networks.

So follow, subscribe, join, and brace yourselves for a unique experience!