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About Fulbright

Fulbright is the flagship of exchange programs where students and scholars alike have the opportunity to further their research and experience other cultures at institutions in a variety of host countries. The program can fly you to another country to teach English as a second language, present and further research with an expert in your field at a reputable university, or pursue photojournalism with National Geographic. Apply and see where your career will take you!

UPRM Fulbright Adviser


Leonardo Flores, PhD, Associate Professor of English

Leonardo Flores is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus and the Treasurer for the Electronic Literature Organization. He was the 2012-2013 Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen. His research areas are electronic literature, poetry, and preservation of first generation electronic objects. He is the lead writer, publisher, and editor of a scholarly blogging project titled ♥ E-Poetry(http://iloveepoetry.com). For more information on his current work, visit http://leonardoflores.net.

Fulbright Programs

Student Programs

The range of programs for U.S. students can be the traditional proposal of research in a different country or the opportunity to travel to a different country and teach English as a second language. Other program opportunities include service in foreign government ministries or institutions, intensive foreign language training, research of international musical culture with mtvU, and training and fieldwork opportunities in National Geographic photojournalism. Click here for more information on these programs.

Faculty Programs

A variety of programs are available for U.S. scholars and faculty members to travel abroad and conduct research, give lectures and consult with fellow scholars at institutions in other countries. There are also programs tailored to foreign scholars flying in to research and lecture in the U.S. As well as programs for scholars to focus on training in foreign languages or to consult other academic institutions on curriculum, faculty development and institutional planning. Click here for more information on these programs.

Institutional Programs

There are programs that grant institutions the esteemed privilege of hosting for a Fulbright student who is focusing on learning English as a foreign language. Other programs bloom the opportunity of hosting scholars from other countries to provide department/campus wide lectures, exchanging ideas and methods with faculty members and granting them knowledge of the hosting institution’s curriculum and development to bring back to their home countries and spread the knowledge of higher education for future generations in their country. Click here for more information on these programs.

Fulbright History


Program History

Take a look at how the gears and cogs were set in place to make the Fulbright Program run like clockwork.


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