Week 2: I ♥ E-Poetry URL Correction

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is linking back to the old I ♥ E-Poetry URLs and we need to gather the information for the old and current URLs.

The first task is therefore to gather the old and current URLs in a spreadsheet, so we can correct the URLs and create a way to redirect missing links to the correct entry. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Open three tabs in your browser:
    1. I ♥ E-Poetry ELMCIP page
    2. I ♥ E-Poetry
    3. I ♥ E-Poetry URL Fix Google Document (Gdoc)
  2. In the I ♥ E-Poetry ELMCIP page, scroll down to the Works Referenced listing.
  3. Go to the Task Listing to know what pages you’ve been assigned to and go to those pages.
  4. Gather old URL:
    1. Select the title of a work
    2. Select and copy the title of the work and paste into Gdoc.
    3. Scroll down to “I ♥ E-Poetry entry”
    4. Right click on the link to copy URL and paste it in Gdoc.
  5. Gather current URL
    1. Search for work title in I ♥ E-Poetry and go to the entry
    2. Copy the URL for the entry and paste into Gdoc.
  6. Go to the next work and redo steps 4 & 5.
  7. Repeat until you’ve completed all the works in the pages assigned to you.
  8. Mark your Task as completed.

In the Gdoc, don’t worry about alphabetical order: we can resort everything at the end. Just enter the data, quick and messy.

We’ll go over this procedure and get to work on it together on Monday.