Week 5: Image Download, Upload, and Metadata

The images in I ♥ E-Poetry are in multiple locations on the Web, which makes it vulnerable to changes in servers and server outages. They also contain no metadata, which makes them problematic for search engines and inaccessible to readers who are visually impaired or can only use a text-based browser.

So here’s what needs to be done:

  • Go to each of your assigned entries from last week’s task.
  • Download the image(s) to your hard drive by right clicking on it(them) and selecting “save as.”
  • Edit the entry and delete the image(s).
  • Upload to the gallery and insert each image in the same location as you found it.
  • While you’re inserting each image, center it, have it not link to anything, and let it be either original size (most are 150-200 pixels high) or medium size.
  • In the alternative text box, type in “screen captured image from [title] by [author(s)]”– I suggest cutting and pasting the title of the entry, which is written in that format.

You are assigned to the same entries as in Week 4.