Week 6: Works Not Covered

When I started working on I ♥ E-Poetry, I was focused on poetry as a genre and therefore didn’t read many works of e-literature that fit other genres in the publications and exhibitions I covered. I have now expanded on the project’s focus to include all e-lit genres and have published a CFP (Call For Postings– a play on  the traditional meaning of CFP: Call for Papers) to direct guest and regular contributors to help me expand the project’s coverage of electronic literature.

So here’s what I need you to do:

  1. Visit the resources assigned to you:
    1. Cynthia:
      1. Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 2
      2. Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 1
      3. ELO 2012 Media Arts Show
      4. Avenues of Access exhibition at MLA 2013
    2. Aleysha
      1. TBA
    3. Ian
      1. Cauldron & Net
      2. ELMCIP Anthology of European E-Lit
      3. Electronic Literature & Its Emerging Forms
      4. New Media Writing Prize Shortlists
  2. Create a page in I ♥ E-Poetry (direct link to page listing) and save as draft (don’t publish):
    1. Create two lists:
      1. Works Covered in I ♥ E-Poetry – list all works with links to I ♥ E-Poetry entry.
      2. Works Not Covered – List all works with links to original work.
    2. Format:
      1. Title” by Author (example “Taroko Gorge [2012 Remix]” by Nick Montfort)
      2. Make sure all the links open in a new window/tab.
    3. Suggestion for streamlining:
      1. Go to the anthology, exhibition, or venue
      2. Type in “Title” by Author in the Works Covered list
      3. Create link on title and search for the appropriate entry from the link menu.
      4. If the work is available, great, make the link and move on to the next work.
      5. If it isn’t, link to the original source and move “Title” by Author to the Not Covered list in the page.