Weeks 9-10: Templates and Backlinks

For these two weeks, we need to:

  • Ian: develop and implement the page design we discussed in the meeting on all of the pages.
  • Cynthia: finish entering data on the missing pages
  • Both:
    • Visit all the I ♥ E-Poetry pages and link back to the resource pages.
    • Correct the page templates, which include:
      • Moving title and author link to caption on screen capture
      • Make the links open in new windows
      • Add the more tag after the first paragraph in each entry

Weeks 7-8: Resource Pages

Okay my esteemed interns, it’s time to develop some resources:.

You’re going to begin with the pages that you already created for the exhibitions, publications, collections, and websites and you’re going to describe them, add screenshots, provide information from the ELMCIP KB, links to the resources and a complete listing of the works covered and not covered in I <3 E-Poetry, including links to the entries. Information to cover:

  • title
  • year(s) of publication
  • publisher
  • editor(s)

Begin with the ones assigned to you and we’ll work out distributing the rest.