Week 3: La Feria del Libro and I ♥ E-Poetry Resources (Continued)

This week we’ll be developing the following resources:

  • Continue development of Tercera Feria Internacional del Libro Eugenio María de Hostos website.
    • Team:
      • Ian – Sponsors
      • Everyone else: standing by
  • Create posters representing I ♥ E-Poetry (example)
    • Team:
      • Adults: Hector and Pedro
      • Big Kids: Juan & Emanuel
      • Little Kids: Juan Carlos & Yaisha
  • Contribute to video consisting of multiple screen-captured videos from works of e-literature (everyone)
    • Download and install Jing in your computers.
    • Read 10 works of e-literature from the resources you worked on last week
    • Choose 3 works to traverse while screen-recording.
    • Create 3 10-second clips of exciting screen-captured video that visually communicates the awesomeness of electronic literature.
    • Upload them to our Google Drive shared folder – Video Folder
  • Develop private resource pages in I ♥ E-Poetry:

Week 2: La Feria del Libro and I ♥ E-Poetry Resources

Okay, let’s get to work. This week features two projects: creating a site for La Feria del Libro and expanding upon established I ♥ E-Poetry resources as well as familiarizing yourselves with the site.

La Feria del Libro

  • The team to work on this site.
    • Juan Colon
    • Yaisha
    • Pedro
    • Emanuel
  • The materials and information are in this Google Drive Folder.
  • Tasks:
    • create pages with the information in the materials
    • work on blog design (themes, widgets, menus)
    • create and develop Twitter and Facebook pages for the event
    • Create several sample profile pictures for FB & Twitter.

Linking Back to Resource Pages

  • Tasks
    • Open assigned resource:
    • Follow links to individual entries (works covered)
    • Read entries & explore works that interest you.
    • Link back to original resource. Text (in bold): “Featured in [resource title].
    • Place link before ELMCIP Knowledge Base image/link.
    • Make the link NOT open in a new window. (this is different from what I explained. I changed my mind.;-)

Spring 2014 Startup

This Spring semester, the DH Internship will be focusing on several activities:

  • I ♥ E-Poetry
    • Resource Development
    • Tagging and Metadata Revision
    • Interface design
    • Outreach Materials
    • Surveying resources
    • Create resources
  • ELMCIP Knowledge Base
    • Creating and updating records
  • Mayagüez Book Fair
    • Poster design
    • E-lit screen capture videos
    • Activities for children
    • Poster Presentations
    • Web Design
  • Arteroids Archive
    • Describe and tag archive materials

The first order of business is to create accounts and familiarize yourselves with the administrative interfaces for our resources: