Week 11: The Fine-Tooth Comb

This week, we’re going to go through all of I ♥ E-Poetry with a fine-tooth comb to optimize it for our readers, which entails the following:

  • Check all the links and make sure they work, keeping in mind the following:
    • links to other entries in I ♥ E-Poetry open in the same window.
    • links external to I ♥ E-Poetry open in a new window.
  • Use the following image as a guide to the template.
click on image to enlarge
click on image to enlarge
  • If it doesn’t have a link to their ELMCIP Knowledge Base entry, search for the work in the ELMCIP KB and link to it.
    • If there’s an entry, categorize as New ELMCIP.
    • If there’s no entry, categorize the entry as No ELMCIP Entry.
  • Add the MORE tag after the first paragraph in each entry, unless they’re very short.

Who’s doing what?

Juan Colon

  1. “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” by William Poundstone
  2. “4 Square” by Jody Zellen
  3. “5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr
  4. “6-string Aria” by Bill Marsh
  5. “6 Weird Questions asked in a Wired Way” by David Jhave Johnston
  6. “10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 ” by Anonymous (by way of Nick Montfort)
  7. “10 Print ebooks” by Mark Sample
  8. “10:01” by Lance Olsen and Tim Guthrie
  9. “24-Hr. Micro-Elit Project” by Dene Grigar
  10. “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” by David Clark
  11. “217 Views of the Tokaido Line” by Will Luers
  12. “a as in dog” by Dan Waber and Marko Niemi
  13. “A Dialogue Between Two Eyeballs” by Braxton Soderman
  14. “A Encantação pelo Riso” (Invocation by Laughter) by André Vallias
  15. “A Fine View” by David Knoebel
  16. “A Look Back” by Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team
  17. “A Party at Silver Beach” by Judy Malloy
  18. “A Pen” by Jim Andrews
  19. “a show of hands” by Mark C. Marino
  20. “A Tree with Managers and Jittery Boats” by Jason Nelson
  21. “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” by Jörg Piringer
  22. “Accounts of the Glass Sky” by M. D. Coverley
  23. “ACITEOP” by Pelayo Méndez
  24. “Afeeld” by A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz
  25. “Afghan War Diary” by Matthieu Cherubini
  26. “After Persephone” by Ingrid Ankerson
  27. “Agrippa” by William Gibson (part 1 of 4)
  28. “Ah” by K. Michel and Dirk Vis
  29. “Aleph Null” by Jim Andrews
  30. “Algorithmic Poems” by Chris Funkhouser
  31. “All Fall Down” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  32. “All the News that’s Fit to Print” by Jody Zellen
  33. “Alone Engaged” by Maria Engberg
  34. “Along the Briny Beach” by J.R. Carpenter
  35. “Alphabet of Stars” by Whitney Anne Trettien
  36. “American Ghosts” by Alan Bigelow
  37. “Amor de Clarice” by Rui Torres
  38. “…and by islands I mean paragraphs” by J. R. Carpenter
  39. “AndOrDada” by Beat Suter and René Bauer
  40. “Andromeda” by Caitlin Fisher
  41. “Anipoemas” by Ana María Uribe
  42. “Ann Coulter : Human Document” by William Poundstone
  43. “Any Vision” by Zuzana Husárová
  44. “Anywhere” by Steve Matanle and Ingrid Ankerson
  45. “Archetypal Africa” by Alan Bigelow
  46. “Argot Ogre, OK!” by Andrew Plotkin
  47. “Arteroids” by Jim Andrews
  48. “Aufschreibesysteme Green ghost echo” by Brian Lennon
  49. “Automatype” by Daniel C. Howe
  50. “BA-Tale” by Zuzana Husárová and Ľubomír Panák
  51. “Bad Machine” by Dan Shiovitz
  52. “Basho’s Frogger” by Neil Hennessy
  53. “Bathroom Sketches” by David Jhave Johnston
  54. “Bean Project” by Carolyn Black
  55. “Because You Asked” by Alan Bigelow
  56. “Bembo’s Zoo” by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich
  57. “Between Page and Screen” by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse
  58. “Between Treacherous Objects” by Jason Nelson
  59. “Biggz” by Loss Pequeño Glazier and Simon Biggs
  60. “Birdfall” and “Clone-ing God & Ange-Lz” by Mez
  61. “Birds Singing Other Birds’ Songs” by María Mencia
  62. “Birds Still Warm from Flying” by Jason Nelson
  63. “Blinding Lights” by Adrianna de Barros
  64. “Böhmische Dörfer” by Alexandra Saemmer
  65. “Brainstrips” by Alan Bigelow
  66. “Breathing/Secret of Roe” by Jonathan Carr
  67. “Broken” by Alan Sondheim and Barry Smylie
  68. “Bruno Latourbot” by Anonymous
  69. “Bus” and “Evening: 42 to 71” by David Hadbawnik
  70. “Camel Tail” by Sonny Rae Tempest
  71. “Campbell’s Soup Town” by Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  72. “Cannibal Dreams” by Lacy Cunningham and Justin Talbott
  73. “Cantoos” by Dan Waber
  74. “Car Wash” by Megan Sapnar
  75. “Catharsis” by Pedro Valle Javier
  76. “ChangeEverything” by Serge Bouchardon and i-Trace Collective
  77. “Chasing Pandora” by Allyson Cikor, Emily Devereux, Greg Turnbull, Mathew Vickery, and Trent Redmond
  78. “Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales” by Edward Falco
  79. “Chroma” by Erik Loyer
  80. “Chronicle of Deaths Forgotten” by Duc Thuan
  81. “Chu Ta” by Thomas Bell
  82. “Circle” by Caitlin Fisher
  83. “CityFish” by J. R. Carpenter
  84. “Clippings” by Jason Nelson and Pedro Valdeomillos

Juan Kuang

  1. “Cloud #1” by Braxton Soderman
  2. “Code Movie 1” by Giselle Beiguelman, with music by Helga Stein
  3. “Connected Memories” by María Mencía, programmed by José Carlos Silvestre
  4. “Conversation” by Jason Nelson
  5. “@crashtxt / exq=.s.te =n.c&de/s” by Jim Punk
  6. “_cross.ova.ing ][4rm.blog.2.log][_ ” by Mez
  7. “Cruising” by Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar
  8. “Cthalloween” by Jay Bushman, Kris Kowall, Ryan Paul, Josh Lewis, et. al.
  9. “Cunnilingus in North Korea” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  10. “Cut to the Flesh” by Deena Larsen and Jody Zellen
  11. “Cyberpoetry Underground” by Komninos Zervos
  12. “Dakota” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  13. “Dans la gueule du loup” by Nicolas Clauss and Jean-Jacques Birgé
  14. “@Darius_at_GDC” by Darius Kazemi
  15. “Dawn” by Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim
  16. “Days of JavaMoon” by Duc Thuan
  17. “dear e.e.” by Loris Janis and Ingrid Ankerson
  18. “Death Valley” by June Hayes
  19. “Debasheesh Parveen” and “Ariadna Alfil” by Eugenio Tisselli
  20. “Default Lives” by M.D. Coverley
  21. “@DeleuzeGuattari” “Rhiz-o-Mat” and “PoMoBot” by Anonymous
  22. “Delimited Meshings” by Talan Memmott
  23. “Deseo – Desejo – Desire: 3 Erotic Anipoems” by Ana María Uribe
  24. “Designer Gulch” by Brendan Howell
  25. “Diagrams Series 6: 6.4 and 6.10” by Jim Rosenberg
  26. “Dibagan” by Brian Kim Stefans and Geniwate
  27. “Dim O’Gauble” by Andy Campbell
  28. “dimocopo – digital moving concrete poetry” by Komninos Zervos
  29. “Discipline” by Ana María Uribe
  30. “Dissolution” by Zahra Safavian
  31. “Diver” by Sarah Townsend and Laura McCabe
  32. “Dois palitos” (Two matchsticks) by Samir Mesquita
  33. “Dreamaphage (Versions 1 and 2)” by Jason Nelson
  34. “E-Poetry as Code and Data Remix” by Leonardo Flores
  35. “E-Poetry in Social Media” Coda: Alan Sondheim
  36. “<? echo [THE_SIGNIFIER] ?>” by Duc Thuan
  37. “Eclipse Louisiana” by M.D. Coverley
  38. “Eight Was Where It Ended” by Jeremy Douglass
  39. “Empty Thoughts for Real Life” by Jody Zellen
  40. “Endemic Battle Collage” by Geof Huth
  41. “Enigma n” by Jim Andrews
  42. “Enigma n” and “Seattle Drift” by Jim Andrews: The Cauldron & Net Editions
  43. “Enigma n2” by Jim Andrews
  44. “Entre Ville” by J.R. Carpenter
  45. “Errand Upon Which We Came” by Stephanie Strickland and M.D. Coverley
  46. “Essay” by judsoN
  47. “Euclid” by David Knoebel
  48. “Every Word I Saved” series by Cristobal Mendoza
  49. “@everyword” by Adam Parrish
  50. “Exquisite Corpse Poems” by Komninos Zervos
  51. “Extinction Elegies” by David Jhave Johnston
  52. “Face the Facts” by Dan Waber
  53. “FaceDown” by Andy Campbell
  54. “Faith” by Robert Kendall
  55. “Falling” by Steve Duffy
  56. “Fallow Field” by Dene Grigar
  57. “Family Tree” by Rosalie Hirs and Harm Van Den Dorpel
  58. “Feral C” by Mez Breeze
  59. “Fields of Dream” by Nick Montfort and Rachel Stevens
  60. “Figure 5 Media Series” by William Carlos Williams, Charles Demuth, Megan Sapnar
  61. “Firefly” by Deena Larsen
  62. “First Screening” by bpNichol
  63. “Fitting the Pattern” by Christine Wilks
  64. “Five by Five” by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble
  65. “Flash Poems” by Komninos Zervos
  66. “For the Moon” by Erin Elizabeth and Scott Benish
  67. “Four Letter Words” by David Knoebel
  68. “Four Poems” by William Poundstone
  69. “Fred & George” by Flourish Klink
  70. “Free Haiku!” by The Dada Sprockets and Ingrid Ankerson
  71. “Frequency” by Scott Rettberg and the machine (part 1 of 5)
  72. “Frequency [Tanka, Haiku]” by Scott Rettberg and the machine (part 2 of 5)
  73. “Frequency [Terza Rima and Sonnets]” by Scott Rettberg and the Machine (part 3 of 5)
  74. “Frequency [Snowball, Doubling]” by Scott Rettberg and the Machine (part 4 of 5)
  75. “Frequency [Four Square, Two Towers]” by Scott Rettberg and the Machine (part 5 of 5)
  76. “Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Hypertext'” by Richard Holeton
  77. “From Ireland with Letters” by Judy Malloy
  78. “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo Green, et al.
  79. “Galactic Tides by Night” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  80. “Galatea” by Emily Short
  81. “Game, Game, Game, and again Game” by Jason Nelson
  82. “Generative Poetry” by geniwate
  83. “Genius” by Thomas Swiss and Skye Giordano
  84. “@georgelazenby” by Anonymous

Pedro Doreste

  1. “@georgelazenby: How Goes the Enemy?” by William Poundstone
  2. #gifandcircumstance by Adam Parrish
  3. “GIF Poems” by Komninos Zervos
  4. “Girls’ Day Out” by Kerry Lawrynovicz
  5. “Going through the Signs” by Jody Zellen and Deena Larsen
  6. “Google Earth: A Poem for Voice and Internet” by Manuel Portela
  7. “Google Poetics” by Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo
  8. “Gorge” by J.R. Carpenter
  9. “Gorgeous Oaks / GorOak” by Jason Nelson
  10. “@HaikuD2” by John Burger
  11. “He Said She Said” by Alan Bigelow
  12. “Hello Hell” by Nathaniel Lew
  13. “Here and There” by Katharine Norman
  14. “Hobo Lobo of Hamelin” by Stevan Živadinović
  15. “How I Heard It” by David Knoebel
  16. “How They Brought the News from Paradise” by Alan Bigelow
  17. “I Cried Of Course” by William Minor, Elise Rotchford, and Steve Minor
  18. “I Heart E-Poetry” by Nick Montfort
  19. “I Love You” by Lello Masucci
  20. “I ♥ E-Poetry Easter Poem” by Leonardo Flores
  21. “I, You, We” by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble
  22. “I.M.PROMPT.U” by Duc Thuan
  23. “ii — in the white darkness: about [the fragility of] memory” by Reiner Strasser and M.D. Coverley
  24. “@ILoveEPoetry: A Break Bot” by Leonardo Flores
  25. “In a World Without Electricity” by Alan Bigelow
  26. “In Absentia” by J. R. Carpenter
  27. “In the Footsteps of the Father” by Jennifer Ley
  28. “In Your Voice” by Machine Libertine
  29. “Inanimate Alice Episode #1: China” by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
  30. “Inanimate Alice Episode #2: Italy” by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
  31. “Inanimate Alice Episode #3: Russia” by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
  32. “Inanimate Alice Episode #4: Hometown” by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
  33. “Incarnation: The Heart of the Maze” by Carolyn Guertin
  34. “Injections” by Paul Bogaert
  35. “Insects” by Pedro Valdeolmillos and Lluís Calvo
  36. “Inside the House” by Adam Sylvain
  37. “Internal Damage Data” and “Fleshis.tics” by Mez Breeze
  38. “Internet Text, 1994- [Through Feb 2, 2006]” by Alan Sondheim
  39. “Intersecting Lives” by Joanna Sakellion
  40. “Into the Green Green Mud” by Eric A. Meyer
  41. “ira, sarah” by André Cutair
  42. “Jabber” by Neil Hennessy
  43. “Java Poems” by Komninos Zervos
  44. “Jean-Pierre Balpe ou les Lettres Dérangées” by Patrick-Henri Burgaud
  45. “Jeffrey” by Lewis LaCook
  46. “@Jhave2” by David Jhave Johnston
  47. “Jig-Sound” by Jim Andrews
  48. “Joyride” by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell
  49. “Justin Buber,” “Kantye West,” and “Kim Kierkegaardashian”
  50. “@KarlMarxovChain” and “@MarkovChainMe” by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira
  51. “Konsonant” by Jörg Piringer
  52. “l0ve0ne” by Judy Malloy
  53. “La Resocialista Internacional” by Andreas María Jacobs
  54. “Labyrinth: The Rulebook Without Game” by Mark C. Marino
  55. “Landscapes” by Bill Marsh
  56. “Larvatus Prodeo” by Braxton Soderman and Roxanne Carter
  57. “Last Words” by Alan Bigelow
  58. “Latour Swag” by Darius Kazemi
  59. “Letter to Linus” by William Gillespie
  60. “Letters Demand Things” by Michael Madsen
  61. “Letterscapes” by Peter Cho
  62. “Lexia to Perplexia” by Talan Memmott
  63. “Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky” by Sharif Ezzat
  64. “Lines of Life” by Jody Zellen
  65. “Little Book of Prompts” by Sylvanus Shaw
  66. “Living Will” by Mark Marino
  67. “Lollipop Noose” by Todd Seabrook
  68. “Lord’s Prayer, The ” by Alan Bigelow
  69. “Loss of Grasp” by Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert
  70. “Marble Springs 1.0 [Web Demo]” by Deena Larsen (part 1 of 4)
  71. “Marble Springs 3.0″ by Deena Larsen (part 2 of 4)
  72. “Marble Springs” NOT by Deena Larsen (part 4 of 4)
  73. “Maybe Make Some Change” by Aaron A. Reed
  74. “McLu-uhms” by David Jhave Johnston
  75. “Mechanical Bride” by Ted Warnell
  76. “Meditation on a Bar Stool” by Natalie Zeriff
  77. “Mémoire Involontaire” by Braxton Soderman
  78. “Memoirs from Hijiyama” by Jonathan Yuen
  79. “Memory” by Alckmar Luiz dos Santos and Gilbertto Prado
  80. “Memory” by Pedro Valle Javier
  81. “Mermaid” by W. B. Yeats and Alis Yung
  82. “MetaGenesis” by Duc Thuan
  83. “Metaphor-a-Minute!” by Darius Kazemi

Yaisha Cordero

  1. “Minicontos Coloridos” by Marcelo Spalding et al.
  2. “Moment” by Joe Keenan
  3. “Mondrian Mood” by Eric LeMay
  4. “More Real than Now” by Jody Zellen
  5. “MUPS” by David Jhave Johnston
  6. “Murmuring Insects” by Otagaki Rengetsu and Ingrid Ankerson
  7. “My Nervous Breakdown” by Alan Bigelow
  8. “My Summer Vacation” by Alan Bigelow
  9. “myBALL” by Shawn Rider
  10. “Não tem que” (Don’t have to) by Arnaldo Antunes
  11. “Ñao! [No!]” by Eduardo Kac
  12. “New Digital Emblems” by William Poundstone
  13. “New Word Order: Basra” by Sandy Baldwin
  14. “Nine: Puzzling through Several Lives” by Jason Edward Lewis
  15. “Nio” by Jim Andrews
  16. “No Choice About the Terminology” by Jason Edward Lewis, Christian Gratton, Elie Zananiri and Bruno Nadeau.
  17. “NobodyHere” by Jogchem Niemandsverdriet
  18. “Noise” by Gerald Smith
  19. “Noiselines” by Pedro Valdeomillos and Jason Nelson
  20. “Nomad Lingo” by David Jhave Johnston
  21. “Nomen Sacrum Trial” by Sylvanus Shaw
  22. “non-LOSS’y translator” by Simon Biggs and Loss Pequeño Glazier
  23. “Notes on the Voyage of Owl and Girl” by J.R. Carpenter
  24. “Occupy MLA” by Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig
  25. “Of Day, Of Night” by Megan Hayward
  26. “On Lionel Kearns” by Jim Andrews
  27. “On the Life of Man” by Sir Walter Raleigh and Ingrid Ankerson
  28. “Opacity” by Serge Bouchardon, i-Trace Collective, and Léonard Dumas
  29. “open.ended” by Daniel C. Howe and Aya Karpinska
  30. “Oppen Do Down” by Jim Andrews
  31. “Orbital” by Max Dunlop and Neil Jenkins
  32. “Orient” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  33. “Oulipoems” by Millie Niss with Martha Deed
  34. “Palavrador” by Chico Marinho
  35. “Paperwounds,” by Andy Campbell
  36. “Passing Through” by Alexander Mouton
  37. “Paths of Memory and Painting” by Judy Malloy
  38. “Pause” by Jody Zellen
  39. “Pentametron” by Ranjit Bhatnagar
  40. “Pentimiento” by Jerome Fletcher
  41. “Pieces of Herself” by Juliet Davis
  42. “Plaintext Performance” by Bjørn Magnhildøen
  43. “Poem by Nari does Windows” by Ted Warnell
  44. “Poemas no meio do caminho” by Rui Torres
  45. “@Postmeaning” by David Knoebel (part 1 of 2)
  46. “@Postmeaning” by David Knoebel (part 2 of 2)
  47. “ppg256″ by Nick Montfort
  48. “Project for Tachistoscope [Bottomless Pit]” by William Poundstone
  49. “Puddle” and “Paddle” by Neil Hennesy
  50. “Pushkin Translation” by Aleksandr Pushkin and Megan Sapnar
  51. “Random Paths” by Jody Zellen
  52. “Rapbot” by Darius Kazemi
  53. “Reagan Library” by Stuart Moulthrop
  54. “Reality: Being @SpencerPratt” by Mark Marino and Rob Wittig
  55. “Realization Randomatic 2000″ by Ted Warnell
  56. “Real_Time_”1sts!” [or: PanoptiConned Imagery From the Scene]” by Mez Breeze
  57. “Reboot the Universe” by David Jhave Johnston
  58. “Red Lily” by John Kush
  59. “RedRidinghood” by Donna Leishman
  60. “Rememori” by Christine Wilks
  61. “REPEATAFTERME” by Jörg Piringer
  62. “Representatives” by Megan Sapnar
  63. “Retournement” by Philippe Bootz
  64. “Rice” by geniwate
  65. “Riddles” by Nick Montfort
  66. “@Robotuaries” by David Cole
  67. “Roulette” by Daniel C. Howe and Bebe Molina
  68. “Rude Little Song” by Jim Andrews
  69. “@samplereality” by Mark Sample
  70. “Saving the Alphabet” by Alan Bigelow
  71. “sc4da1 in new media” by Stuart Moulthrop
  72. “Scholars Contemplate the Irish Beer” by Judy Malloy
  73. “Screen” by Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Josh Carroll, Robert Coover, et. al.
  74. “Sea and Spar Between” by Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland
  75. “searchSonata 181″ by Johannes Auer and AND-OR
  76. “Seattle Drift” by Jim Andrews
  77. “Seen Death” by Jody Zellen
  78. “Semantic Disturbances” by Andreas Jacobs
  79. “Separation / Séparation” by Annie Abrahams
  80. “Sestinas” by Dan Waber
  81. “Shadow” by Ted Warnell
  82. “Shy Boy” by Thomas Swiss
  83. “Simplicity” by Duc Thuan

Emanuel De Leon

  1. “Sinking” by Ingrid Ankerson
  2. “Sky” by Mitchell Kimbrough
  3. “Slaaplied (Lullaby)” by Tonnus Oosterhoff
  4. “Slipping Glimpse” by Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, and Paul Ryan
  5. “Smooth Second Bastard” by Jason Edward Lewis
  6. “Snaps” by Dirk Hine
  7. “Snowball” by Alireza Mahzoon
  8. “Snowblind” by Braxton Soderman and Roxanne Carter
  9. “sob o signo da devoração (PoemAds)” by Rui Torres
  10. “Softies” and “MUDs” by David Jhave Johnston
  11. “Soliloquy” by Kenneth Goldsmith
  12. “Sootfall” by Arianna Gass, Reed Gaines, et. al.
  13. “Sooth (part 1 of 3)” by David Jhave Johnston
  14. “Sooth (part 2 of 3)” by David Jhave Johnston
  15. “Sooth (part 3 of 3)” by David Jhave Johnston
  16. “Sotto Voce” by Zahra Safavian
  17. “Sound Seeker” by David Jhave Johnston
  18. “Soundpoem I and Soundpoem II” by Jörg Piringer
  19. “Soundpoems” by Jörg Piringer
  20. “Spam Heart” by David Jhave Johnston
  21. “Spam Poem for Paul Graham” by William Poundstone
  22. “Spawn” by Andy Campbell
  23. “Speaking of Rivers” by Jonathan Peter Moore and Whitney Anne Trettien
  24. “Spring Day Notation” by Judy Malloy
  25. “Star Wars, one letter at a time” by Brian Kim Stefans
  26. “@StarWars_tweets” by Anonymous
  27. “Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed
  28. “Still Life” by Eric LeMay
  29. “Still Standing” by Bruno Nadeau and Jason Edward Lewis
  30. “Stir Fry Texts” by Jim Andrews
  31. “Storyland” by Nanette Wylde
  32. “Strange Possessions” by Todd Sanders
  33. “Stravinsky’s Muse” by Mark C. Marino
  34. “Strings” by Dan Waber
  35. “Stud Poetry” by Marko Niemi
  36. “Superstitious Appliances” by Jason Nelson
  37. “Svevedikt” by Ottar Ormstad
  38. “Swallows” by Paul Zelevansky
  39. “Synonymovie” by Eugenio Tisselli
  40. “Tacoma Grunge” by Chuck Rybak
  41. “Tailspin” by Christine Wilks
  42. “Takei, George” by Mark Sample
  43. “Talking Cure” by Noah Wardrip Fruin, et. al.
  44. “Tao” by Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim
  45. “Taroko Gary” by Leonardo Flores
  46. “Taroko Gorge” by Nick Montfort
  47. “Taroko Gorge [2012 remix]” by Nick Montfort
  48. “Tasty Gougère” by Helen Burgess
  49. “Teaching with I ♥ E-Poetry” by Leonardo Flores
  50. “Teleport” by David Jhave Johnston
  51. “@Tempspence” & “#tempspencepoets” by Mark Marino, Rob Wittig, et. al.
  52. “_:terror(aw)ed patches:_” by Mez Breeze and Shane Hinton
  53. “The adventures of i” by Komninos Zervos
  54. “The Ballad of Workstudy Seth” by Mark C. Marino
  55. “The Battery Life of Meaning: Speech to Text Poetry” by Jason Nelson
  56. “The Body Politic” by Jennifer Ley
  57. “The Cape” by J.R. Carpenter
  58. “The Circus” by Ana María Uribe
  59. “The Click Poems” by David Knoebel
  60. “The Dark Side of the Wall” by Bob Bonsall
  61. “the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze
  62. “The Dazzle as Question” by Claire Allan Dinsmore
  63. “The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze
  64. “The Defacement of Desire” by Braxton Soderman and Roxanne Carter
  65. “The Dreamlife of Letters” by Brian Kim Stefans
  66. “The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show: A Retrospect”
  67. “The Flat” by Andy Campbell
  68. “The Garden of Proserpine (excerpt)” by A. C. Swinburne and Laura McCabe
  69. “The Good Captain” by Jay Bushman
  70. “The Great Migration” by Jason Edward Lewis
  71. “The Intruder” by Jorge Luis Borges and Natalie Bookchin
  72. “The LA Flood Project” by Mark C. Marino
  73. “The Last Day of Betty Nkomo” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  74. “The Last Performance” by Judd Morrissey
  75. “The Life of the City of the Mind” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  76. “The Longest Poem in the World” by Andrei Gheorghe
  77. “The Mall as a Machine for Living” by Matt Blackburn
  78. “The Mandrake Vehicles” by Oni Buchanan
  79. “The Minotaur Project” by Kim White
  80. “The murmur of i n t e r s t i c e s” by Rumi and Zahra Safavian
  81. “The O2 Tales” by Anna Pitt
  82. “The Pines at Walden Pond” by Deena Larsen
  83. “The River Dart” & “Babble Brook” by J.R. Carpenter
  84. “The Roar of Destiny” by Judy Malloy

Hector Lopez

  1. “The Set of U” by Philippe Bootz and Marcel Frémiot
  2. “The Struggle Continues” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  3. “The Sweet Old Etcetera” by Allison Clifford
  4. “The Use” by Chris Mann
  5. “The Winter House” by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph
  6. “the WORD project” by Christopher
  7. “[theHouse]” by Mary Flanagan
  8. “There Are Many Detours Between Information And Instruction” by Joe Milazzo
  9. “This Is How You Will Die” by Jason Nelson
  10. “This Is Not A Poem” by Alan Bigelow
  11. “Thoems” by David Jhave Johnston
  12. “Thoughts Go” by David Knoebel
  13. “Tideland” by M.D. Coverley
  14. “Times Haiku” by Jacob Harris and The New York Times
  15. “To Be or Not to Be Mouchette” by Martine Neddam
  16. “Today is Lemonade” by Ingrid Ankerson
  17. “Tokyo Garage” by Scott Rettberg
  18. “Tomorrow’s News Today” by Jody Zellen
  19. “@tonightiate” “@MassageMcLuhan” by Matt Schneider
  20. “Toucher” by Serge Bouchardon, Kevin Carpentier, and Stéphanie Spenlé
  21. “Tournedo Gorge” by Kathi Inman Berens
  22. “Toward a Circulation of the Page” by Braxton Soderman
  23. “Toy Garbage” by Talan Memmott
  24. “Tramway” by Alexandra Saemmer
  25. “TRANS.MISSION [A Dialogue]” by J.R. Carpenter
  26. “Translation” by John Cayley
  27. “TransmoGrify” by Leonardo Flores
  28. “Trope” by Sarah Waterson, Elena Knox, and Cristyn Davies
  29. “Tweet Haikus” by Brandon Wood
  30. “Twelve Blue” by Michael Joyce
  31. “Twitterwurking” by Mez Breeze
  32. “Type:Rider – The Creation Kit” by Cosmografik
  33. “Typeoms” by David Jhave Johnston
  34. “Uncle Roger, File 1: A Party in Woodside” by Judy Malloy
  35. “Uncontrollable Semantics” by Jason Nelson
  36. “Uncontrollable Semantics (2012 edition)” by Jason Nelson
  37. “Underbelly” by Christine Wilks
  38. “Universo Molécula” by Isaías Herrero
  39. “Unravel” by Agnieszka Michalska
  40. “Unravelled” by Spenser Wain, Zac Urness, and Kollin Branicki
  41. “untitled(to reconstruct)” by Jason Nelson and Jody Zellen
  42. “Up Against the Screen Mother Fuckers” by Justin Katko
  43. “Urbanalities” by Babel vs. Escha
  44. “Útero portanto Cosmos” (Uterus therefore Cosmos) by Agnus Valente and Nardo Germano
  45. “V: Vniverse” by Stephanie Strickland and Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo
  46. “Väljarna” (“Elect”) by Johannes Heldén
  47. “Variegated Southlands” or “Sydney’s Siberia” by Jason Nelson
  48. “Video Blog::Vog” by Adrian Miles
  49. “Videograph Fictions or Graphoems” by Jason Nelson
  50. “Visual Sonnet #1” by Braxton Soderman
  51. “Visualizing I ♥ E-Poetry” by Leonardo Flores
  52. “Walkdont” by David Knoebel
  53. “Walking Together What Remains” by Chris Green and Erik Natzke
  54. “Walt FML Whitman” by Mark Sample
  55. “Weave” by Thomas Bell
  56. “Web Warp & Weft” by Helen Whitehead
  57. “Welcome to Pine Point” by The Goggles
  58. “What I Believe” by William Poundstone
  59. “What the Nightwoman Texted” by Mark Marino
  60. “What They Said” by Alan Bigelow
  61. “What They Speak When They Speak to Me” by Jason Edward Lewis
  62. “What Would I Say?” by Pawel, Vicky, Ugne, Daniel, Harvey, Edward, Alex, and Baxter
  63. “When I Was President” by Alan Bigelow
  64. “When You Reach Kyoto” by Brian Kim Stefans and Geniwate
  65. “WhereAbouts” by Orit Kruglanski
  66. “While Chopping Red Peppers” by Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar
  67. “Whisper Wire” by J.R. Carpenter
  68. “Whispering” by Sean Donohue
  69. “White Poem” by William Poundstone
  70. “White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares” by Loss Pequeño Glazier
  71. “Wide and Wildly Branded” by Jason Nelson
  72. “Window” by Katharine Norman
  73. “Windsound” by John Cayley
  74. “Winter City Sleeps” by Adrianna de Barros
  75. “Wired” by James W. Johnson
  76. “Without a Trace” by Jody Zellen
  77. “Wittenoom: speculative shell and the cancerous breeze” by Jason Nelson
  78. “Working Memory” by Ian Hatcher
  79. “Wotclock” by John Cayley
  80. “@WPoundstone” by William Poundstone
  81. “Yes, really” by Katharine Norman
  82. “Yoko Engorged” by Eric Snodgrass
  83. “You Secure in Your Job?” by William Poundstone
  84. “You’re lying and you filter…” by Paul Bogaert

Week 10: E-Poetry 2014 Intensive

We will be hosting the E-Poetry 2014 Intensive on March 20-21 (Thursday and Friday). These are the activities I will need your help with for the week:

  • Tuesday: distribute flyers around campus
  • Wednesday: we meet at 3:30 in Celis 010.
  • Thursday morning (Starting at 9:00 am): – Pedro
    • Get projector in Monzón 107 (Computación Académica office)
    • Set up room and coffee
    • Await Loss P. Glazier outside of building and direct him to the reserved parking spot.
    • Await group, which will be walking from Mayagüez in at around 10:30 am.
    • Help participants with technical setup.
  • During lunch (12:00-1:00):
    • Set up parking cones, while we drive off to lunch.
    • Guard computers & equipment in the room.
  • Afternoon (5:00 pm):
    • Tidy up room and put equipment (projector, coffee, etc.) in car.
    • Escort participants in walk back to hotel.
  • Friday morning (Starting at 9:00 am):
    • Get projector in Monzón 107 (Computación Académica office)
    • Set up room and coffee
    • Await Loss P. Glazier outside of building and direct him to the reserved parking spot.
    • Await group, which will be walking from Mayagüez in at around 10:30 am.
    • Help participants with technical setup.
  • During lunch (12:00-1:00):
    • Set up parking cones, while we drive off to lunch.
    • Guard computers & equipment in the room.
  • Afternoon (5:00 pm):
    • Tidy up room and put equipment (projector, coffee, etc.) in car.

Week 9: Reflection and Planning for E-Poetry Intensive

Mid Term Report

  • Prepare a report of your work leading up to and including La Feria del Libro, in which you discuss the work you did leading up to and during the event, and any insights, observations, stories, or comments you may have about our participation in the event. Please include photos you have (if any) from the event, so I can use them to prepare a report for the community.
  • The report should be about 500 words long and is due on Wednesday, March 19. Submit it as an e-mail to me.

Week 8: La Feria del Libro

These are the tasks to be done for La Feria del Libro:

  • Sign up for at least 8 hours in I ♥ E-Poetry @ Feria del Libro calendar.
  • Setup: table, posters, presentation room
  • Represent I ♥ E-Poetry at table: demos, orientation, brochures, cards
  • Presentations: use e-mailed links to setup presentation in browser, select according to audience and time.
  • Support during academic presentation: hand out brochures, cards.
  • Document your participation with photos.
  • Social media outreach: post in blog, Facebook & Twitter.