Spring 2014 Wrap Up: The Interns Speak

I have collected some quotes from my Spring 2014 interns‘ final reports, which collectively highlight this internship experience. I have kept the comments anonymous.

One student’s remarks focused on the kind of learning experience this internship represented:

Few experiences in my academic career have been as practically educational or left as great an impression as the Digital Humanities Internship has. It has been memorable not just for the unique experiences it has imparted, but also for the wealth of real-world experience in a relevant and developing academic field.

Another student commented on the field itself:

E-literature has so many subgenres that it just simply boggles my mind the mere thought of how broad of a literary spectrum e-literature really is. I managed to learn that there are so many different outlets of media that showcase what e-literature is and yet many of those outlets, even though I have been exposed to them for most of my life, I have never thought that they were material that could be thoroughly examined just like any other literary text.

One student focused on two events we worked on this semester:

La Feria del Libro and the E-Poetry 2014 Intensive were insanely enjoyable. Participating in the E-Poetry Intensive and submerging in those two days of knowledge was a great opportunity. I do not think I have been amazed so many times in the span of 48 hours.

This student remarked upon the length of the Accessibility assignment:

[…] we were assigned to write an alternative text for the photos on the same entries we had worked previously. This meant to write a description of the screen capture of every work to serve as an alternative option for visitors (especially blind people) to visualize the image using the imagination, with these words as guide. This work required a longer period of time to finish. […] one had to take time with each of them. It was a very tiresome job, but one worth the effort.

The final assignment was a clear favorite. Here are some words from one of the interns:

Our last task however, was my favorite, which involved writing an I ♥ E-poetry Entry with the E-lit example of our choosing. My topic’s thesis involved the analyzing of the visual and writing languages permutations in the horror survival video game Alan Wake.

A graduating senior had something to share with fellow English majors:

My reasoning behind suggesting fellow English majors enroll in INTD 4995 is simple: where else can you undertake an internship on-campus while also enabling you to work from home? Add that to the fact that you are being exposed to a new medium of literature, and this course becomes as essential as it gets for a senior English student.

I am grateful to all my interns for their dedication and hard work. Their contributions to I ♥ E-Poetry have enriched this resource and helped expand its quality, audience, scope, and accessibility. Thank you all!

Also, a special shout-out to Ian Rolón, who volunteered his valuable time and effort this semester.

Weeks 13-17: End of Semester

Most of the activities have been communicated via e-mail, but here’s a brief summary:

  • Complete alt tags for I ♥ E-Poetry images.
  • Write an I ♥ E-Poetry entry.
  • Develop your user profiles, locally and on Gravatar.
  • Complete editing assigned I ♥ E-Poetry resource pages.
  • Write and e-mail me your final report.