Translating I ♥ E-Poetry: Phase 1

Okay folks, we’re about to set the groundwork for a gargantuan job: translating I ♥ E-Poetry into Spanish.

The first phase of this activity is the following:

1. Login to I ♥ E-Poetry.

2. Go to the posts page and configure it to display 110 entries per page (see image below):

click on image to enlarge.

3. The pages should be listed alphabetically by title. If you configure it and page 1 looks different from what is displayed above, you’re doing it wrong. Go back and make sure the settings are okay.

4. Notice that this divides I ♥ E-Poetry into 6 pages of 120 entries each. Each one of you is assigned to a page of posts, as listed below. You will be responsible for the posts in the following pages:

  • Carlos: page 1
  • William: page 2
  • Christian: page 3
  • Anderson: page 4
  • Vashti: page 5
  • Desiree: page 6

5. Go to your page and open the first post assigned to you on the editing window (make a note of it, as a reference, in case we post new entries). Do not edit the post!!!

6. Select and copy the post title.

7. Log in to your accounts, open the Translating I ♥ E-Poetry folder, and go to the folder with your name.

8. Create a new Google Docs document in your folder: its name is the post title (paste it).

9. Select all the text in the post, copy it, and paste it in the Google Doc.

  • If there are any embedded Tweets that don’t show up, do the following:
    • Screen capture the embedded tweet.
    • Create a .png or .jpg with the tweet.
    • Crop everything that is not the tweet. Keep the tweet frame.
    • Name the image after the twitter handle (@everyword becomes everyword.png)
    • Embed the image in the Google Doc.
    • Upload the tweet image to the media gallery (click here).

10. Close the Google Doc and the post. Don’t save any changes in the I ♥ E-Poetry document.

11. Repeat steps 5-10 until you’ve created documents for all your assigned posts.

That’s it! Send me an e-mail when you’re done. I expect all of your posts to have been copied into Google Docs by Friday before our meeting.