Translating I ♥ E-Poetry: Phase 3 & Hostos Project

Translation: Phase 3

You should’ve finished Phase 2 of Translating I ♥ E-Poetry entries by now. If you haven’t, your grade in this major assignment will go down, and your grade in the course will begin to decline rapidly. Contact me to negotiate a new completion deadline.

In the meantime, these are the tasks for phase 3:

  1. Read and edit the entries in the folder assigned to you, comparing English and Spanish versions.
    1. William -> Carlos
    2. Carlos -> Christian
    3. Christian -> Desiree
    4. Desiree -> Vashti
    5. Vashti -> William
  2. Use the Critical Terms document as a reference and to add any terms that come up.
  3. Try to resolve comments in the translated documents or add your own comments.

Hostos Bot Project (Anderson):

Phase 1: Compile Raw Data

  1. Download all the works by Hostos available at the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.
  2. Download and install Tesseract OCR software on your computer.
  3. Use Tesseract OCR to convert all the scanned pdf files into text files.
  4. Create Google Docs in this folder for all the converted PDF files.
  5. Copy & paste the text of all HTML into Google Docs in the folder above.