Final Project: I ♥ E-Poetry Entry

For this assignment, you need to write an I ♥ E-Poetry entry on a work of electronic literature (or a digital work that has some important textual elements) of your choice. If you don’t know what to choose, pick a work from the 2013 New Media Writing Prize shortlist.

Your goal is to briefly (in less than 500 words) provide access to the work to readers by describing it, contextualizing it with some of the theory discussed in class, offer some guidance as to the reading script(s) offered by the work, analyze some of its strategies, and gesture towards an interpretation (but don’t actually interpret the work, so readers want to read the work and arrive at their own interpretations).

For more details, read the I ♥ E-Poetry Contributor Guide as a reference, including developing a profile picture and brief description. The only exception is that you won’t be corresponding with Bárbara Bordalejo editorially, it will be with me.

The complete first draft of your entry is due on the day of the final exam, before our final exam meeting, in which you’ll share your work in an informal 10-minute presentation.