Weeks 5-8: Translation and Taxonomies

For the next two weeks we will continue translating I ♥ E-Poetry but also start preparing for the next task: applying the CELL taxonomy to I ♥ E-Poetry. In order to do so:

Let’s see if we can complete the translation by next week.

And, of course, let’s continue developing our other projects, as tasks emerge:

Weeks 3-4: Translating I ♥ E-Poetry, Phase 4

For the next week or two, you will be editing the I ♥ E-Poetry translation work initially undertaken last semester.

It may be helpful to look at some of the earlier entries so you can see the process:

Meanwhile here we are in Phase 4:

  1. I have assigned folders in the Translating I ♥ E-Poetry folder by adding your names.
  2. Read and edit the entries in the folder assigned to you, comparing English and Spanish versions.
  3. Use the Critical Terms document as a reference and to add any terms that come up.
  4. Try to resolve comments in the translated documents or add your own comments.
  5. When you’re finished, write your name in the collaborator list at the end of the Spanish document.

Let me know when you’re finished.