Weeks 10-16: E-lit Taxonomies and Outreach Activities

This week we have the following tasks to work on:

Magna Feria de Libro Eugenio María de Hostos

  • Build up campaign
    • Interview organizer: Carmen Amaralis Vega (carmenamaralis.vega@upr.edu)
    • Write posts featuring information on page
    • Write about the Feria in English Department Website
  • Prepare outreach materials
    • Read Hostos Bot output and identify cool generated sentences/phrases.
    • Generate Hostos Bot Wordles (white background) based on his books (see Google Drive) and create poster(s).
      • 50 words for generation
      • Generate 3 wordles per book
      • At least one B&W
      • Save them all in Hostos Wordles folder.
    • Design card/paper slip with Hostos Bot art, quotes, URL
    • Design card/handout with I ♥ E-Poetry logo, URL, hook.
  • Prepare I ♥ E-Poetry presentations
    • Schedule time at Feria

I ♥ E-Poetry Taxonomy

  1. Go to E-Poetic Function of Language.
  2. Add all the works from I ♥ E-Poetry that you’ve been translating.
  3. Score each work using the taxonomy.