Weeks 2-6: Promoting and Covering the English Department

Things to do

  • Cover Dr. Rosita Rivera’s Director Candidacy presentation.
  • Develop recruitment & publicity campaign for MAEE Graduate Program.
    • Graduate Program Advertising Campaign (Shared Google Doc -UPR login required)
    • Study the MAEE Graduate Program (Michael & Michael)
    • Identify resources out there. How do other graduate programs advertise and recruit students? (Alanis, Julianna, Brenda)
    • Identify existing local resources (write Ricia Chansky and Sandra Soto for previous material, share it in Google Drive) (Andrea)
    • Research how to reach target audiences (Ashlene. Keishly)
    • Use our Slack channel to discuss ideas, share links of possible approaches.
  • Apply for a Hispanic Scholarship Fund scholarship (deadline March 30).


How to render and download your code?

Week 1: Spring 2016 Startup

Welcome to the Spring 2016 DH Internship!

On this first week, your job will be to familiarize yourselves with the spaces we’ll be working with, I ♥︎ E-Poetry, The English Department Website, the Mayagüez Children’s Library website, and promotional activities for the Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3.

Here are the first set of tasks: