Weeks 10-12: International E-Poetry Month

Promoting the ELC3

  • Read and explore the 7-8 works assigned to you in the Poetry listing for the ELC3
  • Make a 3-7 second screen captured video of each work. The filename should be the work title.
  • Compose a Tweet that invites people to explore the work. It must be under 140 characters and include the following: the video, link to the work in the ELC3 and the following hashtags: #ELC3 #elit #NationalPoetryMonth #NPM16 #poetry (this leaves you about 44 characters to work with).
  • Place the videos in this folder.
  • Add the text in this spreadsheet.
  • Deadline:
    • 1 from each person by midnight on Thursday, March 31.
    • 2-8 from each person by Monday, April 4.