Week 9: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Self Evaluation

Write a self-evaluation of the work you’ve done this semester, so far:

  • List all the tasks you’ve taken on and completed.
  • Reflect upon your work (individually or globally) considering the following:
    • Did you do the tasks?
    • Did you do them in a timely manner?
    • Did you do them well?
  • With this in mind, suggest a midterm grade for yourself.
  • E-mail me your self evaluation by Friday, October 14.

Final Project

  • Think about a project we might want to do individually or in groups:
    • An event related to the English Department and its communication network or I ♥︎ E-Poetry.
    • Write an I ♥︎ E-Poetry entry on a work of your choice.
    • Write a new section of the English Department Website or a series of articles for the blog.
    • Other ideas are always welcome.
  • Write a 1-paragraph proposal of the idea you wish to present and share it via slack before our next class. We will discuss the ideas next week.