Fall 2017 Startup



Weeks 7-9: Towards a Kickstarter Campaign


  • Develop script for a promo video on the English Lounge.
  • Document English Lounge: photos, videos, etc.
  • Develop interview questions.
  • Interview English majors and other Lounge regulars.
  • Interview alumni of our program.
  • Develop Community mailing list.
  • Update Alumni information
  • Kickstarter folder

Weeks 4-6: English Department Website

  • Create adjunct faculty pages: Orlando and Jonathan
  • Write adjunct faculty profiles: Lisneisy and Andrés
  • Create course pages: Carlos and Gabriela
  • Kickstarter campaign planning
  • Journalism:
    • event promos
      • Poetry slam: Gabriela
      • Children’s library anniversary: Lisneisy
    • other coverage: TBA

Week 2-3: English Department Website


  • Familiarize yourselves with WordPress and the Department of English Website.
  • English Department blog post genres: profile, event promo, event coverage, informative post, course promo, other articles.
  • Initial Assignments:
    • Accessibility tool for Website: http://wave.webaim.org/ (Main task: alt-text for images). – Gabriela
    • Redesign faculty pages, using featured images and shortcode columns (documentation).-Orlando and Jonathan
    • Profiles:
      • Meet the Administration (Leonardo Flores, Mary Sefranek)-Lisneisy
      • Meet the Staff (Katherine Jorge, Paulette Almodovar, Albert Cruz)-Andres.
    • Create course pages. – Carlos



Week 1: Spring 2017 Startup

Welcome to the Spring 2017 Digital Humanities Internship!

I have won a small grant from the Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades to translate I ♥︎️ Poetry into Spanish and redesign it as a bilingual website with stronger entry points and resources for K-12 students, educators, and the general public. Our focus will be on developing the site along several lines:

  • First things first, awaken I ♥︎️ Poetry from its dormant state. It’s been semi-dormant for the past two years and its time to get it going as a living project, which implies a number of translation
  • Make a fresh WordPress installation with the WordPress Multilingual plugin
  • import content from the original site and translate to Spanish. Most of the original entries are already translated offsite.
  • Redesign website & create resources for multiple audiences.
  • Launch new installation, mapping old URLs to new ones in the ht.access file.
  • Build plugins for metadata and search engine integration with http://cellproject.net/.
  • Adopt or develop plugins with library standards integration.

We will also be working on developing the English Department Website, which includes:

  • Online journalism.
  • Publicizing and covering events.
  • Updating and developing the English Department Website.
  • Other related duties.

In the meantime, your initial tasks are to:


Weeks 10-13: Journalism, Project Development

Assigned Tasks:

  • I ♥︎ E-Poetry translation inventory: Keishly
  • English Department journalism:
    • Faculty profiles – Ana
    • Retired faculty – Yxallys
    • Course promos – TBA
    • Innovation Tracks: Luis Adriel
    • Event coverage – TBA
  • Web Development:
    • Institute for the Teaching and Study of Language and Assessment (ITSLA) – Ana
  • Editorial work: Mildred and Ana
  • Logo design: Luis Adriel
  • Final projects – be prepared to discuss this in our Oct. 31 meeting.