Weeks 2-4: Journalism and Outreach


  • Design Forward Summit poster
    • General Instruction for poster presenters:  Room and poster number will be provided at registration. Posters should be mounted at the poster board before 9:00 am. Posters should not exceed 36” (W) x 42” (H).  You must include author’s names and institutions at the top of the posters.
    • Researchers: Posters should have at least the following information: background, central question/problem, methods, and data that support the stated conclusion(s).
    • Task: put together design ideas for poster. Present in our next class.
  • English Department Web development and blog journalism

Week 1: Fall 2016 Startup

Initiatives for this semester & academic year:

Here are the first set of tasks:

Week 17: Shutdown

Self Evaluation:

  • Write a 1-page self evaluation of your Assignments. Criteria:
    • Did you do it?
    • Did you do it on time?
    • Did you do it well?
  • Give yourself a grade based on your responses.
  • E-mail me your self evaluation by Friday, May 13.

Weeks 10-12: International E-Poetry Month

Promoting the ELC3

  • Read and explore the 7-8 works assigned to you in the Poetry listing for the ELC3
  • Make a 3-7 second screen captured video of each work. The filename should be the work title.
  • Compose a Tweet that invites people to explore the work. It must be under 140 characters and include the following: the video, link to the work in the ELC3 and the following hashtags: #ELC3 #elit #NationalPoetryMonth #NPM16 #poetry (this leaves you about 44 characters to work with).
  • Place the videos in this folder.
  • Add the text in this spreadsheet.
  • Deadline:
    • 1 from each person by midnight on Thursday, March 31.
    • 2-8 from each person by Monday, April 4.

Weeks 2-6: Promoting and Covering the English Department

Things to do

  • Cover Dr. Rosita Rivera’s Director Candidacy presentation.
  • Develop recruitment & publicity campaign for MAEE Graduate Program.
    • Graduate Program Advertising Campaign (Shared Google Doc -UPR login required)
    • Study the MAEE Graduate Program (Michael & Michael)
    • Identify resources out there. How do other graduate programs advertise and recruit students? (Alanis, Julianna, Brenda)
    • Identify existing local resources (write Ricia Chansky and Sandra Soto for previous material, share it in Google Drive) (Andrea)
    • Research how to reach target audiences (Ashlene. Keishly)
    • Use our Slack channel to discuss ideas, share links of possible approaches.
  • Apply for a Hispanic Scholarship Fund scholarship (deadline March 30).


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