Call for International Fulbright Student Researchers

I am interested in attracting one or several international graduate students to conduct research in electronic literature with me at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus. My research in electronic literature is best known through I ♥ E-Poetry, though I am also conducting research in digital preservation of born-digital literature, most urgently with works created in Macromedia and Adobe Flash and Director.

I am especially interested in students who wish to work with me on one or several of the following areas:

  • Representing their country’s electronic / digital literature to English-speaking audiences via I ♥ E-Poetry, under my tutelage, learning conduct media-specific analyses using frameworks such as, critical code studies, platform studies, etc.
  • Developing electronic literature archives using Omeka, which would include learning about, developing, and using taxonomies for born-digital materials to describe the resources in the collections.
  • Researching and experimenting with technologies and frameworks for the creation of electronic editions of born-digital literature, including virtualization, porting, documentation, and other strategies.
  • Developing digital pedagogy materials, including research in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and STEM with electronic literature and born-digital technologies. Students in this area may wish to enroll in one of our graduate programs, including my English Department’s Master of Arts in English Education program.

The Fulbright Program offers opportunities for international students to apply and receive funding to pursue graduate studies and/or conduct research in accredited U.S. Institutions. Each country has its own Fulbright commissions with slightly different programs and deadlines for its student programs. Please explore the Fulbright programs offered in your country and contact me if there’s an opportunity you’d like to explore.

Atención España: la convocatoria para el programa de Ampliación de Estudios para el curso 2015-16 esta abierto hasta el 10 de marzo de 2014.