Welcome to the English Department at UPRM!

You are in a rich environment to cultivate yourselves into the professionals you will eventually become. Our faculty and curriculum will provide you with access to knowledge you will need to become a professional and leader in whatever career path you choose.

During your development as English Majors you will begin to make choices that shape your trajectory and unlock opportunities unique to each career path. Some of these choices are within the curriculum, such as track (literature, linguistics, and professional writing) and some are add-ons, such as Teaching or Film Certificates.

Think about opportunities beyond your coursework and what they can do for your development by enhancing your skill set. I’m talking about internships, research opportunities, and travel.

There are four important opportunities for English Majors to aim and apply for.

There are also local internship opportunities that may provide you with valuable skills and experience. While these are unpaid, you can earn credit by taking INTD 4995 for 3 credits, which would fulfill a free or recommended elective. This course allows you to take from 1-9 credits and each credit hour would entail 3 hours of work per week, so 3 credits would be 9 hours per week. These opportunities will be announced as they arise and can involve editorial work, research, digital humanities work, and more.

More importantly, these unpaid internships enhance your opportunity of getting scholarships, paid internships, admission into graduate programs, and jobs.

But that’s in your future. For now, focus on building a solid foundation for your future accomplishments. Get to know your university and department, and allow yourselves to discover your path– here with us and beyond.