Keynote Address at Western TESOL Conference

Presentation Title: Educational Technologies in 2010: How to Supercharge your Classes


The educational technologies available to us today have the potential to supercharge our classes by engaging our students more effectively in and out of class. This presentation will discuss the importance of having a course Web site and highlight three Web 2.0 technologies that can supercharge this resource: social networks, social bookmarking, and research tools. The presentation will also showcase a technology that has tremendous potential to help us engage our students in our classes: audience response systems (a.k.a. clickers). While these tools may seem to require additional effort and time to learn, implement, and manage, they actually help us make more efficient use of our preparation, grading, and class time. These technologies can free us to do research, assessment, and creatively reinvent our teaching methods to better reach our current student population.

Here’s a link to the presentation, including audience responses to questions with clickers.