Workshop: Making Twitter Bots for Digital and Cultural Literacy

On Saturday, July 29 at 1:15 pm, I will be offering a workshop on creating Twitter bots at the Digital Pedagogy Lab in Vancouver. Here’s a link to a Google document for the workshop that will allow you to read and make comments on the document. Please feel free to use the comment functionality to… Continue reading Workshop: Making Twitter Bots for Digital and Cultural Literacy

Olá Portugal!

I am pleased to announce that from July 10-23 I will be visting Porto in a series of scholarly activities and public appearances sponsored by the Fulbright Specialist Program, the Fulbright Commission in Lisbon, and Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP). Schedule: July 13-14: Available for meetings and consultations 9:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00 UFP CETIC.… Continue reading Olá Portugal!

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My recent #criticalmemes

This semester has presented me with opportunities to create several critical memes. From teaching how to create memes that present complex ideas and critiques in my Digital Media Criticism course to a fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico that has led to an indefinite student strike at the University of Puerto Rico, I have had plenty… Continue reading My recent #criticalmemes

Support the ELC3 with Your Vote

A publication I co-edited, the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3 (ELC3) has been nominated for a 2016 Digital Humanities Award in the category of “Best Use of DH for Public Engagement.” Please support this publication with your vote here. Voting is open until Friday, February 25. For more information of these awards read on or… Continue reading Support the ELC3 with Your Vote

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New Video & Resource: My Networked Narratives Studio Visit

On Tuesday, January 31, I participated in the first Elements of Networked Narratives Studio Visit. Here’s a description of the course and event, which was hosted by Mia Zamora (@MiaZamoraPhD) and Alan Levine (@cogdog). Networked Narratives is an open connected course of digital storytelling, world building, civic imagination, and a bit of digital alchemy. Join… Continue reading New Video & Resource: My Networked Narratives Studio Visit

Spring 2017 Courses

Next semester I will be teaching two courses, both of which focus on digital literacy, rhetoric, and skills: Digital Humanities Internship (INTD 4995) is a course I’ve been teaching every semester since Fall 2013. This course is structured as an internship in which I work with students in the development of digital projects, such as… Continue reading Spring 2017 Courses

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E-Literature for App Makers

This is a series of links that I will reference in a brief talk I will have with the AppCreator group at UPRM on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. ¿Qué es la literatura electrónica? Here are 4 examples of historical e-literature in chronological order: Christopher Strachey, “Love Letter Generator” (1952) bpNichol, First Screening (1984) Jim Andrews,… Continue reading E-Literature for App Makers

Teaching Critical Memes

Materials for my “Teaching Critical Memes” presentation: Curricular Unit Limor Shifman, “Memes in a Digital World: Reconciling with a Conceptual Troublemaker“ See also her MIT Press book, Memes in Digital Culture. Wasteland Memes on Twitter Activity: Read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 (below) Go to Meme Generator Create a meme that uses language, ideas, images from the… Continue reading Teaching Critical Memes

Mi columna en 80 Grados

Hoy publicaron mi primera columna en la revista digital puertorriqueña 80 Grados, titulada “La literatura electrónica y el futuro de la palabra“. Este es el comienzo de una serie de columnas mensuales acerca de la literatura electrónica, su historia, trayectoria, tradiciones en distintos países, idiomas y las tecnologías utilizadas. En esta serie se podrán vislumbrar… Continue reading Mi columna en 80 Grados

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