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Research Paper


Your research paper will be an in-depth study of an author, elit genre, technique, trend, paradigm shift, or any other topic related to the class. It should cover multiple works of electronic literature and advance a clear thesis that is supported by detailed analysis of works placed in conversation with relevant secondary sources.

Please be sure that you are referencing works of electronic literature and digital writing. Our class has been focusing on and linking to many examples, but if you want to be safe, reference works published in the Electronic Literature Collection and in The NEXT.


  • A brief proposal of what you’d like to do is due on Friday, April 12.
  • The final draft is due on Wednesday, May 1.


As stated in the syllabus: This course will practice labor-based grading (aka ungrading), which means that the focus will be detracted from grades and refocused on doing high quality work in a timely manner and receiving substantive feedback. Each assignment will have clearly stated criteria for earning a grade at the A level and I will assess that this criteria has been met, offer feedback for improvement, and a grade within that range. The A-level criteria for this essay are the following:

    • The research paper should be about 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages) in length.
    • The essay should focus on digital literature and/or digital writing, referencing 1-3 works.
    • The essay should cite at least 2 secondary sources, preferably scholarly.
    • The essay should be formatted in MLA or some other established format.
    • Any use of AI must be disclosed and described.