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Week 15: Latinx Digital Poetry

Important dates

  • Wednesday, May 1 – Research Paper due
  • Friday, May 3 – Final Assignments and Engagement Self-Assessment
  • Monday, May 6 – 8:00-10:30 Final Exam (online)

Monday, April 22

Wednesday, April 24

In class:


Friday, April 26

Asynchronous class:

  • Read The Los Angeles Review Electronic Literature Dossier, focusing on:
    • “Mar y Virus” by Tina Escaja
    • “Tell Me” by Anthony Cody
    • “Carbon Neutral” by Urayoán Noel
  • Write a 250 word post in which you discuss some of the overarching themes, perspectives, and/or techniques used by the poets featured in the electronic literature dossier, referencing at least two works (one should be from the more recent readings).
  • Post by Saturday, respond to a classmate by Monday.