Teaching Critical Memes

Materials for my “Teaching Critical Memes” presentation: Curricular Unit Limor Shifman, “Memes in a Digital World: Reconciling with a Conceptual Troublemaker“ See also her MIT Press book, Memes in Digital Culture. Wasteland Memes on Twitter Activity: Read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 (below) Go to Meme Generator Create a meme that uses language, ideas, images from the… Continue reading Teaching Critical Memes

Río Grande Review: Double Fall 2012- Spring 2013 Issues

Here’s a link to the Río Grande Review Electronic Literature Dossier, which I guest edited with Scott Rettberg, and Juan Pablo Plata. This dossier is collection of previously unpublished e-lit, with editorial statements, and an essay I wrote on Ana María Uribe.

NEH Summer Stipend Proposal

I just submitted a proposal titled “Bridging the Gap: Close Reading Digital Poetry” for the NEH Summer Stipends grant program. Here’s the abstract: This proposal seeks to introduce electronic literature into mainstream academia by writing two articles for publication in conventional, high-impact literary journals. Each article will perform a close reading of an electronic poem… Continue reading NEH Summer Stipend Proposal

Proposal for NEH Enduring Questions Grant

I submitted a proposal for an NEH Enduring Questions grant program to create a course that addresses the question: How do we shape language? Here’s the 1000-character abstract:

Blog updated

The blog has been updated with my Fall 2011 information.

Presentation at UPR Ponce

I have been invited to give a talk at UPR: Ponce on their “Foro de Educación Innovadora: Tecnología en los Ambientes de Aprendizaje en la Educación Superior” on Tuesday, August 9, 2011. I will be presenting all morning along with Dr. Moisés Orengo. Here’s a link to my presentation aide.