Difficulties Registering for INGL 3300 or 3345?

The course INGL 3300: Worlds of Fantasy and one of the sections of INGL 3345: Fantasy Film have been reserved for English Department students to have first access to them. If you are not in the English Department and would like to take either of these courses, you must wait until the “periodo de ajustes […]

Leonardo Flores, Academic Senator

On April 15, 2008 I was elected by my colleagues in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the UPRM Academic Senate. I wish to thank the faculty for placing their trust in me. I will work diligently to provide the best representation of the faculty’s interests and wishes at the Academic Senate meetings. My […]

Fantasy Film Course

In the Fall of 2008 (and in the Spring of 2009) I will be teaching INGL 3345, a Topics in Film course that will focus on the fantasy genre. This is a course that takes a formalist and historical approach to this genre in film, which has its roots in the very beginnings of cinema […]

Academic Senate Nomination

On Tuesday, April 15 at 10:30 am there will be an extraordinary Faculty of Arts and Sciences meeting to elect a new member for the Academic Senate. I am one of two nominees for this position and would like to express what I have to offer the faculty of Arts and Sciences if elected.