New Video & Resource: My Networked Narratives Studio Visit

On Tuesday, January 31, I participated in the first Elements of Networked Narratives Studio Visit. Here’s a description of the course and event, which was hosted by Mia Zamora (@MiaZamoraPhD) and Alan Levine (@cogdog). Networked Narratives is an open connected course of digital storytelling, world building, civic imagination, and a bit of digital alchemy. Join… Continue reading New Video & Resource: My Networked Narratives Studio Visit

Recent Interviews

In the past few months, I’ve been interviewed several times about e-literature and bots. Here are links to recently published interviews: Rutkin, Aviva. “Twitter Bots Grow Up and Take On the World” New Scientist. August 4, 2014. Herther, Nancy K. “Finding Solutions & Alternatives in a World Beyond DRM” Against the Grain. May 26, 2014.… Continue reading Recent Interviews

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Electronic Literature Review (ELR) Interview

I was recently interviewed by Daniele Giampà for his blog Electronic Literature Review. The interview format consisted of five substantial questions and he was generous in providing me abundant time to answer them. Here are the questions: Leonardo Flores you are running a project called I ♥ E-Poetry and in the year 2010 you wrote… Continue reading Electronic Literature Review (ELR) Interview