Teaching Poetry in an Age of Digital Media

This presentation is designed for the Teaching Assistants at UPRM, delivered on January 30, 2014. The presentation is full of links to resources, including slideshows and Prezis for previous talks, so I encourage readers to zoom a bit beyond the presentation slide to access the links available in almost every slide. The prezi is embedded […]

My Election to ELO Board of Directors

I have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) to serve as a board member and Treasurer. To be in such high regard by a group composed of some of the leading scholars and artists in my specialization is a great honor and  a milestone in my career. My […]

Leonardo Flores @ MLA 2014 Convention

I’ve prepared my MLA 2014 Convention calendar created as a convenience for me, and made public here for those interested in meeting up. I will be presenting at the Electronic Literature after Flash roundtable and performing a Bot Choral at the MLA Off-Site E-Lit Reading. If you want to get together, don’t hesitate to contact […]

Performance: A Bot Choral

On Friday, January 10, I’ll be participating in the ELO’s MLA Off-Site E-Lit Reading at the Flaxman Library in Chicago. Here’s a link to the Facebook event invitation. And here’s a description of the part I’ll be involved in. Participants (listed in alphabetical order): Leonardo Flores Mark Sample Zach Whalen Roger Whitson Performance This 10-minute […]