DHTML Dances: The Making of an E-Poet

My article “DHTML Dances: The Making of an E-Poet” is now available online in the most recent issue (co-edited by Monika Górska Olesińska and Anna Nacher) of the Polish peer-reviewed journal Cultural Studies Review. Here’s the abstract: Canadian poet, programmer, and artist Jim Andrews lived and worked in Seattle 1997–2000, participating in the exuberant economic… Continue reading DHTML Dances: The Making of an E-Poet

Fall 2015 Courses

This Fall I will teach three courses, all of which inform digital studies in different ways: Cyberpunk Cinema is a film course that engages the digital thematically while developing a critical vocabulary to analyze cinema. Introduction to Poetry will show how the most intense use of language is shaped by embodied, physical, and digital materials.… Continue reading Fall 2015 Courses

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