New Creative Works: “Tentative” and “It’s Complicated”

Image credit: The Los Angeles Review

This Spring, I created a series of works that explore Puerto Rico’s relation to the United States. It was catalyzed by the recent Puerto Rico Status Act, which seeks “to resolve Puerto Rico’s political status” with a plebiscite that offers “eligible voters a choice of independence, sovereignty in free association with the United States, or… Continue reading New Creative Works: “Tentative” and “It’s Complicated”

My recent #criticalmemes

This semester has presented me with opportunities to create several critical memes. From teaching how to create memes that present complex ideas and critiques in my Digital Media Criticism course to a fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico that has led to an indefinite student strike at the University of Puerto Rico, I have had plenty… Continue reading My recent #criticalmemes

Se levanta un bot puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot

Es con gran placer que anuncio el lanzamiento del primer “bot” puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot. ¿Qué es un bot? Un bot es un programa de computadora (o conjunto de programas) diseñado para ser un agente autónomo en un entorno digital. Los bots son construidos enteramente con programación y texto, distinto a sus contrapartes físicas, los robots.… Continue reading Se levanta un bot puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot