E-Literature for App Makers

This is a series of links that I will reference in a brief talk I will have with the AppCreator group at UPRM on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. ¿Qué es la literatura electrónica? Here are 4 examples of historical e-literature in chronological order: Christopher Strachey, “Love Letter Generator” (1952) bpNichol, First Screening (1984) Jim Andrews,… Continue reading E-Literature for App Makers

Teaching Critical Memes

Materials for my “Teaching Critical Memes” presentation: Curricular Unit Limor Shifman, “Memes in a Digital World: Reconciling with a Conceptual Troublemaker“ See also her MIT Press book, Memes in Digital Culture. Wasteland Memes on Twitter Activity: Read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 (below) Go to Meme Generator Create a meme that uses language, ideas, images from the… Continue reading Teaching Critical Memes